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Bible en Français: Experience the Gospel in French

The Bible in Many Languages

The Bible is a sacred book. It offers a Christian perspective on the history of the Earth, man, and all creation. Christian believers' tenets feel that the history of the Bible is of divine inspiration. The Old Testament of the Bible heavily features the experience of the people of Israel as God’s chosen people. In the New Testament, God sends His Only Begotten Son Jesus to save humanity from sin. His ministry expressed God’s love for men of all cultures and languages.

Christian missionaries felt the need to make the Bible available to people all over the world. So bible societies commenced countless Bible translation projects to share this Love of God in all languages. More bible translations covered English, French, Chinese, Afrikaans, and over 500 languages.

For this purpose, the American Bible Society began in 1816 in New York, United States. The non-profit organization founded by Joseph Coerten Hornblower is focused on publishing and distributing translations of the Bible. With outreach expanding, people all over the world can access God’s word in their language.

With technology, the Bible is available on modern gadgets. An example is a mobile Bible on smartphones. You can study it from anywhere, and in your language. An example is the Inspiring Bible Verses Daily which gives you a daily dose of the bible. The purpose is to help you study God’s words from anywhere.

History of the French Bible

The history of the French Bible dates back to the Medieval era. The main work for the French Translation of the "Bible" began during this era. There were other attempts of the French Bible translations during this period. The first version in print was of Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples, a French theologian in Antwerp, Belgium. It was finished in 1530. In 1535, Pierre Robert Olivétan produced a revised edition.

Olivetan’s version formed the basis of the 1550 French Catholic Bible. However, a more acceptable version Bible de Port-Royal came from Antoine Lemaistre and Louis Isaac Lemaistre in 1695. It enjoyed usage from both Catholics and the Protestants. In 1744, the French Bible translation work by Jean-Frédéric Ostervald also gained popularity. His version was also popular. But a more simplified contemporary French Bible translation among the Catholics was the La Bible de Jérusalem, a French reproduction of The Jerusalem Bible.

But it can be burdensome following up with all the versions. With French Bible Apps, you can read any of the versions in one place. Interestingly, the La Sainte Bible, Louis Segond is a bible app that renders a popular French translation. It contains one of the most influential French Bible versions from the famous Louis Segond. 

The Louis Segond Translation

Segond, born May 3, 1810, in Plainpalais, was a Swiss theologian. He made private efforts to translate the Bible into the French language using original Hebrew and Greek sources. The Vénérable Compagnie des Pasteurs de Genèvetranslation commissioned his translation of the Old Testament, followed by an additional New Testament translation in 1880. Segond’s attempt to translate the Bible into french passed reviews from experts and then got commissioned in1 880.

His version is now widely used among today’s protestants. The American Bible Society and Geneva Bible Society have revised and updated the Segond original from 1978 to 2007. The idea is to reflect the Louis Segond original translation using today’s words. It was a strong demand for contemporary Bible study.

Segond died on June 18, 1885. In 1910, the British and Foreign Bible Society went on to commission and publish revised editions of his work. The famous Bible LSG translation was born. It’s been the basis of the Francophone protestant bible.

The Modern French Bible

Presently, there are many modern versions of the French Bible. The credits go to early translators, bible societies, and tech-driven missionaries. The La Bible de Jérusalem remains the most popular contemporary French bible translations among Catholics. Like the focus of the LSG translation, modern French bibles express scriptural truths using everyday language. Biblical parables, proverbs, and connotations were translated using modern stylistics without altering its scriptural meaning.

Most modern French bible translations are easy to study. Language use is more refined for better clarity. Bible de Semeur (the Bible of the sower) is another excellent example of the modern French Bible completed in 1999.

The work reflects more of Louis Segond's work. The project exuded gospel tenets using contemporary language tone. The International Bible Society (now Biblica) published the Bible of the sower, which remains relevant for Biblical French study.

The French Bible On Your Smartphone

Technology advancement is a widespread phenomenon. Christian missionaries have also driven gospel outreaches using the Internet and applications as enablers. The Bible has moved from scripture in scrolls to books and now electronic formats. Apps offer more opportunities for believers to experience the word, as long as their devices are on them. 

As more people embrace smartphone technology, the gospel becomes easily accessible in all languages. For example, a French bible app allows you to share bible verses on the go. The social media tools on bible apps enhance the gospel sharing experience for believers. You're able to share portions of the Bible with your family and friends. There is also the French Bible for Android and iOS users.

Now that there is the Bible in French, you no longer have to use the search phrase "translate bible in french" anymore. Check out our review of the Best French Bible Apps to get started.

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