Think you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Put your skills to the ultimate test with these FPS zombie games and sniper zombie games that will challenge you at every turn!

1. Shooting & Sniper Zombie Games 

Take down zombies with loads of fun and innovative weapons that you can use to shoot, slice, chop, stab, and blast your way to victory. Do it all in amazing zombie shooting games!

Dead Trigger 

The world needs protection from zombies and everyone is relying on you! Battle through a variety of gameplay scenarios with unique weapons to help you survive.

Last Hope Sniper 

Rescue survivors from a world gone to waste with these fun, interactive storylines that will have you screaming, laughing, and crying. Improve your skills, craft items, and duke it out with hoards of angry zombies that want you as their next meal.

Kill Shot Virus 

Become an expert on all things zombie - including a variety of zombie species. Equip special items, customize your armor, and set off on missions all over the land. Compete with and against other players for the ultimate human-zombie face off!

2. Survival Zombie Games 

Can you use your brain to defeat the zombies? Outsmart your enemies and come up with a strategy to win the day! All you have to do is survive until the end.

Last Day on Earth 

Learn and craft skills that will save your life! No one is an ally - it’s just you against the world. Defeat zombies and other survivors as you search abandoned homes and military camps, and gather the supplies you desperately need to survive.

Zombie Frontier 

You are one of the world’s last living survivors with nothing left to lose - it’s time to kill some zombies! Enjoy a wide variety of weapons that you can upgrade throughout the game. Collect bonus items and experienced increased challenges the longer you play.

Into the Dead 2

The zombie pandemic is alive and well, and the decisions you make now can change the outcome of the world, what are you going to do? Have fun exploring incredibly immersive environments with constantly changing storylines where you’re in full control!

3. Zombie Games for Advanced Players 

So, you’ve already mastered most zombie games and you’re ready for an even bigger challenge? Go head-to-head with zombies and show them who’s boss in these action-packed zombie shooter apps.

Zombie Highway 

Drive around town killing zombies as an impressive zombie sniper or combat a multitude of different zombie species all at once! Whatever you decide, show the world your power with this ultra-fun zombie gun game.

Gun Zombie 

It’s time to show the zombies who’s boss with this zombie sniper game that lets you customize your weapons, complete missions, and save the world from total pandemonium!

Zombie Gunship 

Take down zombies in an ultra-realistic fashion. Stay at the top of your game with zombie-detecting technology that lets you spot the enemy before they arrive. Collect bounties, upgrade weapons and armor, and become the most successful zombie hunter in the world!

Whether you’re new to the zombie-slaying world or a bonafide veteran, have a blast with zombie games you won’t want to put down. Want more game options? Check out our list of Best 10 Zombie Games!

Keep your finger on the trigger in the undead world of zombie survival games! Explore the top zombie shooting games and choose your own apocalypse.

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