It is easy to go overboard on calories if you are not careful about what you eat. A light mocha Frappuccino before work, a small cookie after lunch, and a mid-afternoon snack can quickly add up your sugar and calorie intake. With summer here, we all have one thing on our mind: how to lose weight fast! The first step is to log your food intake and learn what is working for you and against you. We selected the best weight loss apps with built-in food loggers to help you on your fitness journey!


MyFitnessPal is a great choice for helping you reach your fitness goals. Create a personalized profile and specify if you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain muscle. Don’t have time to prepare homecooked meals? No problem! Scan the barcode of that protein bar and orange juice you picked up at the gas stop to quickly check nutrition facts. MyFitnessPal will conveniently add the nutritional information to your daily food log! Monitor your progress with colorful charts and receive valuable feedback to help you improve your eating and exercise habits.

You probably won’t find your grandmother’s homemade chicken pot pie in MyFitnesPal’s food database. But if you just enter the recipe, the nutritional information will be calculated automatically. This is a great tool if you are trying to come up with new recipes that fit in with your fitness goals. Save your favorites to easily enter them in your food log!

Weight Loss Running

Weight Loss Running is like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket. Specialized training programs, detailed meal plans, and motivational tips are combined for the best way to lose weight. Receive 4-course meal suggestions to help you maintain a healthy nutritional intake, log those calories and start shedding pounds fast. Shopping lists are generated instantly for extra convenience. Need some extra encouragement? Select one of 5 different fitness coaches to guide you through your workouts!

Weight gain and weight maintenance are not available as options when setting your fitness goals. A strong focus is made on weight loss, with custom exercise programs to maximize results. When its time to shed those pounds, Weight Loss Running is the way to go.

My Diet Coach

Looking for a fun way to lose weight? (Yes, you read that right). My Diet Coach is a great choice! Daily challenges help you improve your eating and exercise habits, and are super fun to complete. Earn points for completed tasks and redeem them for in-app rewards! Record your meals and exercises in a neatly organized diary that is easy to fill in. Quickly check your daily calorie intake against your goals and visualize your weight loss progress too! Need help with those mid-morning cravings? Set customized reminders so you are always prepared with healthy snacks.

My Diet Coach’s interface and avatar reward system have been designed with women in mind. However, the daily log, reminders, and fitness tips are super useful no matter your gender! If you prefer a more unisex interface, use any of the other apps instead!

Lose It!

Don’t have time to count calories? No problem! Lose It! will do all the calculations for you. Set up a personalized profile and obtain a recommended daily calorie intake to achieve your fitness goal. Easily input your meals into the food log to see if you are still within your calorie budget. Eating lunch at a restaurant? Just take a picture of your food and Lose It! will instantly enter the nutritional information. Need some extra motivation? Invite friends to private challenges so you can stay fit together!

Lose It! only shows values for calories and macronutrients for the food you’ve eaten. If you want a breakdown of vitamins and minerals, then you might prefer to use MyFitnessPal instead! Don’t want daily reminders to log your meals? Turn off the feature in the settings. However, work days can become quite busy, and it is easy to forget to keep track, so it might be a good idea to keep the reminders on!

Take control over what you eat and shed those extra pounds fast! These handy apps make it super easy to keep a daily food log and get valuable insight to aid you in your weight loss journey. If you haven’t found what you are looking for here, you should check out our Best 10 Weight Loss Apps!

Start your weight loss journey with these top-rated weight loss apps. From calorie counters to diet coaches, the path to your best self begins today!

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