There's no greater feeling than hearing that faithful "I do" from your beloved. It's an extremely special moment as it symbolizes the everlasting love, partnership, and happiness created by two individuals. But until the wedding bells start ringing, you have loads of stuff to do.

The three wedding registry apps below are tailored to help you quickly and efficiently create the perfect wedding wishlist. The icing on the cake is that they don't just make your job easier, but they completely remove the stress for the ever-worrying guests as well. You'll quickly realize that creating a registry becomes as easy as saying "I love you".

Zola Weddings

Zola Weddings is more than just an app. It's an entire company dedicated to making the special moment unforgettable and exceptional - organizing a wedding becomes just as enjoyable as the wedding itself. Besides creating a stylish registry in an instant, Zola Weddings provide tons of other tools like extremely intuitive checklists and guestlists. Plus, you can easily contact your very own advisor directly from the app ensuring your planning never hits a dead-end. 

When sending guest invitations, the guests will receive a link to the website instead of directly to the app. Although some guests may prefer using the app instead of a website, they will be absolutely stunned when they discover all the info neatly organized. From beautiful wishlists to crucial instructions for the big day - Zola is like a breath of fresh air both for the newlyweds and everyone else. 

Honeyfund Wedding Registry

Unlike the two other apps that provide other helpful wedding services as well, Honeyfund is all about creating the perfect registry. It's as if you've combined a Target registry, Bed Bath and Beyond registry and tons of others into one, thanks to super easy store linking. You can customize, quickly share delightful social posts and even get surprised with instant gifts from friends and family. With Honeyfund you'll feel the love.

Being a registry-only app means you'll need to find additional tools to keep other organizing elements in check. Nevertheless, with the fantastic options Honeyfund provides, you can be sure you'll have the perfect wishlist everyone will enjoy using and the gifts you'll receive will be just what you asked for.

Wedding Planner 

The name says it all! Wedding Planner is all about making wedding plans smooth and enjoyable. This powerful tool makes creating and tracking registries super easy by providing all the info in one single window. On top of that, it also takes the strain out of coming up with unique concepts. By taking a simple quiz, Wedding Planner will instantly provide creative ideas to make your wedding personal and one of a kind. And all of that by taking into account your budget ensuring you don't go too crazy.

The app is an extension of the website and even though it has tons of options, the website provides more customizable features. Nevertheless, when organizing a wedding, you're bound to be all over the place and knowing you can check the progress of everything on the go gives valuable peace of mind.

Although registries are only one part of the wedding planning, it's still pretty important. After all, it's a direct connection between you and your guests. So once you get past the big day, remember, if you have friends who have already done the wedding thing and are now in the "baby phase", be sure to check out baby shower apps like Babies R Us Registry, Target Baby Registry, Buy Buy Baby Registry and Amazon Baby Registry in our Best 10 Registry Apps.

Create your wish list or check out someone else’s with these great gift registry apps. You get what you want and so do your loved ones with registry apps.


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