How many times do you go out with the warm sun bathing your skin just to be greeted by a rain shower 10 minutes later? Reliable weather alerts, interactive radar maps, and global coverage can easily prevent unpredictable weather shifts from ruining your perfect day.

1. Weather Alerts 

Before the Internet, you had no choice but to tune in to TV weather forecasts to get regular updates. It was either that or risk being totally unprepared. With the introduction of super reliable weather apps, you’re finally able to take the forecast with you wherever you go.

Weather Forecast 

The only thing worse than living in a place with highly unpredictable local weather is constantly moving between two or more places with unpredictable weather - you just can’t keep track. Thus, having an app that regularly gives reports on customized places is a great way to be “in-the-know” all the time.

Weather Puppy 

Whether you’re taking a long trip into the wild or simply commuting to work, knowing the hourly weather comes in quite handy. With weather hourly reports you can effortlessly plan every minute of your day and ensure you are equipped for whatever comes your way.


Whenever you check TV weather reports, they always have huge maps that are too general. Knowing the rain might hit in a 20-mile radius doesn’t help much. AccuWeather radar weather map turns your device into the report center point and ensures every piece of information is about the weather in your exact location.

Weather & Radar 

7 days a week you constantly run from one place to another and there’s no time to browse accurate weather reports. With a super simple widget, you can get weather alerts faster than lighting.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts 

Finding out storm might be coming long after it hits is hardly helpful. There’s little use in preparing when the damage is already done. NOAA Weather Radar gives you real-time alerts packed into beautiful and easy-to-understand graphics. It’s kind of like reading the future.

2. Interactive Radar Maps 

For most of us, when told the wind is coming at 3 MPH we don’t really understand what that means. But when you have weather patterns, storms and winds presented in user-friendly radars, you can easily see exactly what’s happening.


Being sprinkled by a warm spring shower is one thing, while a full-blown thunderstorm is quite another. Fortunately, you can easily prepare for the latter when you have an interactive map. Quickly zoom in and instantly find out if the storm is coming your way.

MyRadar Weather Radar

If you’re a storm chaser, it’s critical to know exactly where the dark clouds are heading to avoid ending up in the eye of the storm. With this interactive radar map not only can you tell where the storm is heading, but how fast will it get to a specific point.

Weather Underground

You know those weather maps that have so much going on it’s impossible to understand if it’s going to rain or not? You’re left confused more than you were before. Weather Underground lets you easily decide what information you want to see on the live radar while ignoring the rest.

The Weather Channel 

Sometimes checking out the past weather can be both fun and useful. With the super smooth radar transitions, you can easily go back into the past and visually find patterns in the local weather. Who knows, you might discover something nobody else knows.

3. Global Weather Coverage 

If you often travel you know how hard it is to prepare for the trip. There’s no worse feeling than taking 5 t-shirts just to realize a winter coat was the way to go. Getting a global 5 or even 10 day weather forecast can easily save you from having to make impromptu purchases.

Today Weather 

When trying to find out the weather, you can also find thousands of beautiful photos that correspond to the weather and the day. Today Weather packs all the information in a super clean interface where you can easily swipe between as many cities around the world as you want.

Weather by Weatherbug

If you want a weather report for another part of the world, it’s best to get the information from their local channels. That becomes a problem when you don’t speak the language. Instead of learning a new language to find out if it’s going to rain, you can simply use Weatherbug’s super accurate weather reports for over 2.6 million locations around the globe.

Storm Tracker 

The world is a big place where every corner has its own climate and weather. Browsing through endless lists is extremely tiresome, but with a powerful radar map, you have the world’s weather at your fingertips. Doesn’t get better than that.

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Real-time local forecasts when you need them most. Receive live weather news for your area faster than most news stations and keep your family safer.

Weather Forecast

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