Identity theft, data vulnerability, and website blocking are becoming more of a common issue every day. That is even more concerning when you consider how many different WiFi hotspots you connect to on a weekly basis. Keep your information secure and guard your privacy with a VPN that will also bypass geo-restrictions. We selected the best free VPN apps that will be your hotspot shield when you are on the go. If you are at the airport or working from a Café, these VPNs will enable you to browse anonymously and safely!

Free VPN Unlimited Proxy (android) & #VPN (ios)

Free VPN Unlimited Proxy (android) and #VPN (iOS) are the best VPN options if you are looking for a fast and secure VPN. Both have a simple interface that makes it easy to quickly setup your VPN connection. Choose from a selection of countries and enjoy fast and stable connections! Free VPN Unlimited Proxy even allows you to choose which mobile apps you want to select a proxy for. Both VPNs add an extra layer of encryption to your WiFi connection to ensure your anonymity!

VPN Unlimited Proxy and #VPN are free to use, so you will see ads now and then. This is a small price to pay for VPN Unlimited Proxy since you do enjoy the full set of features at no extra cost! #VPN does set time limits to your navigation if you are using the free version. However, you do get notifications to alert you of your remaining time. You also have the option to subscribe to the premium service to forgo any limitations!

VPN Proxy Master (by Innovating Connecting) (android) & VPN Proxy Master (by All Connected Co., Ltd) (ios)

Whether you are at school, work or on the road, you may run into a WiFi connection that censors certain social media sites or online video streaming services. VPN Proxy Master is a great choice to overcome these restrictions. Slightly different versions are available for android and iOS. Both offer unlimited bandwidth and are free to use! Easily setup your VPN and safely browse any website while remaining anonymous. Want to switch to a different location? You can with the android version at no additional charge! As a bonus, the iOS version works with most mobile data carriers too!

Keep in mind, VPN Proxy Master for android cannot be used if you are in China. If this is your case, then use Free VPN Unlimited Proxy instead! The iOS version only offers a limited amount of locations in the free service plan. However, the speed of the connections for these servers is great! If you want more options for other countries, choose from weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions plans!

Hi VPN  (android) & SurfEasy VPN (ios)

For added control over your VPN connection, you may prefer to use Hi VPN (android) and SurfEasy VPN (iOS). Your information is protected against third parties that try to spy on your web traffic. In fact, SurfEasy VPN goes the extra mile and blocks advertisers from tracking your cookies! Want to verify your VPN connection speed? Hi VPN provides you with detailed information about your connection in real time. It also allows you to trick your phone’s GPS location if you want to geo-tag that photo from your vacation in Europe!

SurfEasy VPN’s starter plan is free but limits your monthly usage to 250 MB. This is still a good amount of data for your basic internet navigation. Plan to use VPN for heavy streaming or downloading? Enjoy a free trial of the premium version for unlimited data. The subscription is monthly, and you can cancel at any time. Unlike SurEasy VPN, Hi VPN doesn’t require a subscription for unlimited bandwidth. However, additional servers are available for purchase if you want to enjoy premium connection speeds. 

With so many VPN options out there, it is easy to keep your information safe wherever you go! Enjoy VPN free on your phone and have worldwide access to any website or app! If want other VPN options, then check out our Best 10 VPN (Virtual Private Network) Apps!

Shield your privacy while getting around blocked websites or using public wifi by utilizing one of these top-ranking VPN downloads.


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