The internet is a wonderful thing – it’s how you’re viewing this article after all, but it’s also fraught with dangers. One of the best ways to keep your online presence safe is by using a VPN: a virtual private network. By encrypting your data through a VPN, you can rest assured that your online traffic is not being tracked by anyone. With these great apps, you can get unlimited internet access through a free VPN and browse to your heart's content!

Turbo VPN

Looking for the fastest VPN possible? Check out Turbo VPN! Boasting some of the fastest VPN speeds available and a super intuitive interface, Turbo VPN is a great choice for protecting your internet traffic now! Also, it's able to unblock websites and content not available in your country through its proxy servers, and even bypass school or workplace firewalls. It has everything you need to browse as fast as a hare!

As with any VPN, you may run into connection trouble from time to time, depending on which server you're using. But with such an easy interface, it's super simple to switch to another server with a better connection.

VPN Free

Betternet Hotspot is a great VPN, with blazingly fast speeds and secure connections. It automatically detects your location, so you always connect to the nearest and fastest server available while still protecting your wifi and cellular connections from prying eyes. And with the ability to choose your server location, you can easily circumvent geo-restriction firewalls and access content from countries around the world!

While Betternet Hotspot is free, you only get full unlimited access for seven days, and then you have to pay a small fee to continue. So if you're looking for a truly free VPN, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you're willing to pay a small fee, you'll have access to a fantastic VPN!

Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot Shield may be the best free VPN available, with endorsements from Forbes, CNET, CNN, and the New York Times. In addition to all the standard features of VPNs, including encrypting internet traffic and bypassing firewalls, Hotspot Shield also includes malware protection and probably the single best VPN customer service team around! With a feature-rich VPN free of charge and a truly unlimited paid tier, Hotspot Shield has everything you need to browse the internet safely and freely!

For all its great VPN features, be wary when using its "clear junk" feature. Depending on your exact setup, it can delete files like audio tracks, pictures, and videos that you'd want to save. But, as long as you're careful when using its malware features, Hotspot Shield will be a great addition to your internet security!

VPNs are possibly the best way to protect yourself on the internet, from malware and advertising trackers to even identity thieves, so having one on your phone is essential. With these great free VPN apps, you'll be able to protect yourself, even if you're on a budget! If you're looking for more VPN options, check out our Best 10 VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps!

Shield your privacy while getting around blocked websites or using public wifi by utilizing one of these top-ranking VPN downloads.


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