Channel your inner Bart Simpson with a voice changing app. You’ll find endless hours of laughter by disguising your voice like an alien, bee or monster. With just one tap, you can record, play and save effects. And they’re all free!

If you’re looking for a fun way to disguise your voice, these apps deliver in every way! Be the hit of the party by recording yourself and your friends in funny voices. You’ll have them rolling on the floor with laughter.  Punk your friends with mysterious voices and you’ll soon be punking like Ashton Kutcher! 

Best Voice Changer (Android) & Voice Changer App (ios)

Create some hilarious moments and memories with the Voice Changer app. It stands out from the others as you can easily record a sound or select an existing audio file to do the magic conversion and then share them through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or LINE. Once you’ve recorded that specialized effect on your Android, you can use it over and over. Transform yourself into someone else with the Voice Changer app. With a huge variety of effects, you can express yourself in brand new ways. An optimized interface design allows you to finish your recording with just one click. Let your imagination run wild with this entertaining app!

Best Voice Changer app makes many of the voices sound like a little girl, but there are loads of other voice altering effects to choose from like robot, monster, chorus, alien, and more, so get ready for a good belly laugh! The Voice Changer App is currently limited to five voices: a woman, man, turtle, rabbit and little girl. This sounds like quite enough to keep you busy! If you are looking for endless hours of entertainment with some amusing voices, Voice Changer is an excellent choice!! Download it now and let the fun begin!

Helium Video Booth Free

With the Helium Video Booth app, you record a video in a helium, chipmunk or bear voice and then share it with friends. For extra laughs, speed up or slow down the video while changing your pitch. You can even convert existing videos from your camera roll. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

If you want to record longer than 45 seconds and have access to more effects and props, you’ll have to upgrade to the advanced version for $9.99. But there is plenty of fun to be had with the Lite version, which is now available on Android and IOS devices. Be creative and start having fun today!

Have the last laugh with a voice changer app! If you are looking for a voice changer app for pc, you won’t find it here as these apps work best on your Android and IOS mobile devices. For more options on pranking your friends and family, visit our Best 10 Voice Changer Apps.

Easily change your voice with voice changer apps. Find a fun voice changer with clownfish, female & anonymous voice changers as well as loads of other options.

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