Changing your voice can be a short, sweet, and fun activity for people of all ages! Make prank calls or just make your loved ones laugh. You can make yourself sound like an evil monster or a high-pitched chipmunk with these great apps.

Call Voice Changer 

Call Voice Changer lets you call your friends and pull funny pranks on them! First, it changes your number for you, so that they won't know who is calling, and then once they answer, you can make your voice lower or higher with the voice changer. It sure will confuse them! There are also cool sound effects that you can add to heighten the comedic effect. You and your friends are sure to have a ton of fun with this one!

Although this app is loads of fun, the number of minutes you get for free is limited. The app asks you to either change your number or buy more minutes. However, the minutes are cheap, and a good laugh is worth it! Changing your number also works, and you can do this easily to get additional minutes.

Girl Voice Changer (android) & Voice Change.r (ios)

Girl Voice Changer does exactly as the name implies: it makes your voice sound more girlish! Maybe you're a guy who always wondered what he would sound like as a girl; if so, then this is the app for you! You can share your fun recording on social media through the app, too! Voice Change.r is ranked the number one voice changing app on AppGrooves and features lots of fun voice settings, including a silly chipmunk voice and more. If you're looking for something fun to do in your spare time, then this voice changer app is great for you!

Girl Voice Changer is sure to be lots of fun no matter your voice type, however, if you are a man with a very deep voice, your girly voice may not sound one hundred percent authentic. It will still sound funny though, either way. Voice Change.r, on the other hand, is a bit simpler. Instead of having different voice options, it has a pitch slider that you use to change your own voice. 

These voice altering apps are sure to keep you entertained no matter where you are, but if you are looking for even more apps like these, make sure to check out our Best 10 Apps For Voice Changing!

Easily change your voice with voice changer apps. Find a fun voice changer with clownfish, female & anonymous voice changers as well as loads of other options.

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