If you love putting filters on your photos to enhance them or make them stand out, why not give your voice the same treatment? Simply speak into the microphone on your device, and let these voice altering apps do the rest. Then you can play the new voice right away for some laughs and memorable times with your friends!

Voice Changer (android) & BendyBooth (ios)

Voice Changer is the perfect app for Android users looking for a wide variety of voice effects. Just record something with your own voice or upload a vocal recording and listen as it instantly repeats it back in an entirely new voice! With the cute graphics, you'll have a blast selecting all the different voice changing effects. You can even layer the voices to get an underwater alien voice or a robot in a church. BendyBooth is a must-have for iPhone users looking to get funny video and voice effects all in one! Customize your face with hilarious stretching and shrinking tools and select the exact pitch you want for the sound recording. You can even edit the effects to come in at specific moments in your video and layer them exactly how you want them!

While Voice Changer has tons of great audio effects, there are no video or photo effects included in the app. But with all new effects that are added in the updates, you'll never run out of vocal effects to play with! And while BendyBooth makes amazing custom videos with effects, be aware that the clips have a time limit of 15 seconds. However, you can still make as many as you want, and 15 seconds is more than enough time to make a hilarious video that will have you and your family howling with laughter.

Celebrity Voice Changer Lite

Celebrity impressions can be difficult to pull off, but Celebrity Voice Changer Lite helps you instantly change your voice into Kim Kardashian or Arnold Schwarzenegger! Once you've recorded the audio, this voice changer app generates the voice with a video of your chosen celebrity, that you can instantly playback and save to your phone to enjoy it over and over again. Just imagine how shocked your friends will be when they get a call from Oprah Winfrey!

Because of the speech recognition and celebrity voice-generating technology used, English is the only supported language and occasionally some parts of the celebrity voice may come out unclear if the app doesn't understand the words you speak into the microphone. Nothing to worry about, since the developers are constantly on top of updating to make the app work even smoother, and as long as you speak clearly, you'll have tons of fun recordings that turn your voice into an A-Lister!

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Easily change your voice with voice changer apps. Find a fun voice changer with clownfish, female & anonymous voice changers as well as loads of other options.

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