Living the vegan life can be a challenge, often because it's so hard to cook for yourself, and if you have a sweet tooth, finding great vegan dessert recipes can be even harder. But with these great apps, you'll have thousands of delicious vegan recipes at your fingertips, so you can satisfy your stomach and your sweet tooth!

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Yummly Recipes has all your kitchen needs covered in one app! With thousands of recipes scoured from all over the web, Yummly learns your tastes and preferences so you get recipes you actually want to try. So whether you're looking for vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes, or anything else, Yummly has you covered. It makes cooking vegan easier than ever with step-by-step video recipe guides, a shopping list so you'll never forget an ingredient, and even a recipe calendar so you can plan out your meals ahead of time. If you're vegan and want great recipes, Yummly is the one for you!

Yummly has a slight bug that the developers are working to solve. Sometimes, users get an error message saying they're not connected to the internet and can't access recipes when they actually are connected. But the developers are aware of the problem and should have a solution soon.

Vegan Amino

If you're looking for a community of vegans to join, check out Vegan Amino. It's one of the fastest growing vegan communities out there, full of tons of vegans you can chat with, exchange your best vegan recipes, and learn more about veganism. There's tons of recipes and cooking tips for you to explore, and all the content is made and vetted by other vegans like you, so you'll know they'll be great. You can learn new recipes and make lifelong friends, what could be better!

Almost everyone loves Vegan Amino, but one small thing to keep in mind. Since it's a community app and not just a recipe app, it runs in the background of your phone, so you can receive messages from your friends, but that can put some strain on your phone's battery. Some have complained that it drains too much battery when in the background. But if you fully join the Vegan Amino community, you'll be sure to love getting messages from all your vegan friends!

Vegan Recipes Free (android) & Garden Plate (ios)

If you're an Android user, Vegan Recipes Free is a great option for easy vegan recipes. With recipes helpfully organized by meal, it's easier than ever to find delicious vegan breakfast, vegan lunch, and vegan dinner recipes. It even has desserts too! If you're on an iPhone, you can check out Garden Plate. With beautiful pictures of the recipes, you'll find that finding a delicious new recipe is as easy as seeing what looks good. It covers lots of dietary restrictions, so whatever you need, you'll find easy vegetarian recipes, low-gluten and gluten-free breads, and more. 

While all of the recipes are delicious, Vegan Recipes Free does have fewer than most other recipe apps. Garden Plate, meanwhile, does ask you to pay for the unlocked version to save recipes. But both have delicious recipes that are sure to satisfy any palate!

Vegan food is delicious, but finding good dessert recipes can be hard. But with these great apps, you'll never get bored with the same meals. You'll have something new every day that's healthy for you. If you're looking for more recipes, check out our Best 10 Apps For Vegan Recipes!

Eating raw vegan doesn't mean giving up the best-tasting food. Browse easy healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes and find favorite dishes to fit your lifestyle.

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