If you are trying to eat healthier, look no further! These helpful vegan recipe apps give you the ability to find simple and interesting recipes that you can make whenever you want! Finding lots of vegan recipes can be a hassle if you have to search for them. Discover new recipes that you didn’t even know were vegan. 

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food that doesn’t taste good. Find tons of healthy, innovative, and easy vegan recipes that will make you love vegan food. Get healthy and tasty recipes without wasting any time on your computer trying to find them. Don’t worry about printing out recipes and using up paper when you can easily save your recipes into a favorites list and access them anytime you want. 

Kitchen Stories 

Worry about not being a good cook? Watch helpful cooking videos that can guide you through the process of making an easy vegan meal. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos give you all the information you need to make your meal. Bored of eating the same thing every day? There are thousands of recipes to choose from, so you can learn to make something new that you will love. Save your favorite recipes to a separate list that allows you to organize and find your recipes. Find the best vegan recipes while just scrolling on your phone. There is even a shopping list where you can record what you need for a recipe, so when you go shopping, all you have to do is open up your list at the store. Search through different categories like “vegan recipes” or, if you would like to make something quick, consider “20 Minute Dishes”. 

Kitchen Stories gives you a wide variety of recipes like vegan recipes and vegetarian recipes with lots of beautiful pictures and instructional videos! Many users describe how they love the text-based videos that allow them to play their own music or watch something at the same time. Some users may not like that there are no voice instructions, but you will find that every recipe has easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with pictures to make life in the kitchen even easier. 

I'm Hungry (android) & Tasty (ios)

I’m Hungry gives you access to tons of healthy recipes from around the world! Choose from different cuisines like Japanese, Mexican, and Thai food that can spice up every meal you have. Love a recipe and want others to try it out? You can save and share recipes with your friends and family so they can enjoy some new recipes as well. Save your recipes to a list of your favorite recipes so that you can access them quickly. Tasty has a fun and vibrant interface that provides you with tons of mouthwatering vegan dinner recipes. Watch the whole process of making a recipe with their in-depth videos that are quick and easy to follow; even beginners can make complex dishes with these videos. Filter what you want, like "healthy" and "vegan" recipes, so you only receive those kinds of videos when searching. Even if you aren’t making anything, Tasty videos are addictive to watch and, using the app, you have tons of entertainment as well. 

For Android users, if you are a visual learner and need videos to help you while you cook, Kitchen Stories might be a better fit for you. Every video gives you details on what ingredients to use and the exact amount of everything you need. Visual learners will love how easy it is to follow these videos are and can make your cooking experience much simpler. If you don’t mind reading recipes and using pictures to help you, I'm Hungry is good for you. 

Vegetarian Recipes

Do you want to eat healthier food? Choose from tons of vegan and easy vegetarian recipes that will make healthy eating so much easier. Finding good vegan and vegetarian food can be hard when you have a busy lifestyle. Choose from fun recipes like spinach salad, vegetarian chili, and a spaghetti squash noodle bowl. These recipes are all relatively simple and can be made quickly without wasting any time. There are healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you can maintain your vegan diet, you can even find vegan dessert recipes. Add your favorite recipes to a recipe collection where you can quickly find all your saved recipes without any hassle. 

Some users have found that the recipes do not offer substitute ingredients if you don’t have the ones listed in the recipe. This may be a bit confusing if you are good at substituting on your own but if you really want to have all the ingredients, you can use the shopping list feature to write down everything you need to buy before making the recipe. This way you can buy everything you need beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about replacing any ingredients. 

Making tasty vegan food does not have to be a hassle with these helpful apps! If you loved these vegan recipe apps and want more, check out our Best 10 Apps for Vegan Recipes! 

Eating raw vegan doesn't mean giving up the best-tasting food. Browse easy healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes and find favorite dishes to fit your lifestyle.

Vegan Recipes

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