You no longer have to worry about leaving your house when you are not feeling well to see a doctor. Get a live consultation with real doctors without going to a doctor’s office and wasting time. No matter what time it is, you can find a doctor who can help you figure out what is wrong in the comfort of your home. No more wondering. These highly skilled doctors can help you identify the problem quickly. 

Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand gives you access to tons of doctors who can help you with medical and psychological issues when it’s most convenient for you. Rest assured that all doctors are board-certified, kind, and willing to help you find out what is wrong. Use live video to connect with a doctor and treat anything from a fever to a UTI. Get 24 hour urgent care right on your device, even in the middle of the night.  

Doctor on Demand is great for anyone feeling too sick to get out of bed and go to the doctor's office. If you need a note from the doctor to excuse you from work or school, it does sometimes take a day or so.  But, the fact that you can get a doctor's note without going to the doctor is a feature you won't find everywhere.


Can’t determine why you aren’t feeling well? Fill out a quick questionnaire to help you find the issue quickly and efficiently. Want to get your medicine quickly? You can get all your prescription medication filled right at your local pharmacy. And, If you don’t have insurance, a live video chat with a doctor is much cheaper than the clinic. 

Lemonaid is a great way to ask doctors questions about your health and find out what is wrong. Lemonaid tends to focus on physical ailments like fevers and filling prescriptions for medication. Doctor on Demand provides treatment for psychological issues as well as physical, so if you are looking for an app that does both, you might want to consider this one. 


Meet with a doctor in a video call right on your phone whenever you have any concerns or questions about your health. If you want specific qualities in a doctor, you can look through their profiles and choose one that you would feel comfortable with. Doctors can easily put in prescriptions for you, so all you have to do it go to the pharmacy. Amwell can assist you with a number of different health concerns from urgent care to psychiatric care. No matter what the issue is, you can find "urgent care near me" and a kind, caring doctor to help get you better. 

Amwell is a great way to save time and money on a doctor’s visit when you’re sick. You will receive notifications for your appointment via text, so make sure you enable the notifications on your phone so you don't miss your appointment!

Talk to doctors through video chat and get expert medical advice from the comfort of your home! If you liked these video consultation apps and want more urgent care apps, check out our Best 10 Apps for Finding Urgent Care! 

There’s no time to spare when you have a medical urgency. Find 24-hour urgent care clinics & doctors on demand near you in a matter of seconds.

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