When you're feeling sick, every moment counts. So searching for an "urgent care near me" or waiting in a crowded Kaiser urgent care can be to slow. Instead, try one of these great apps, so you book your next appointment and video chat with a doctor right away.


Tired of visiting urgent care? Check out PlushCare, the app that lets you schedule an appointment and visit the doctor right from your phone. You can video call with top physicians around the country at any time, so you will always get the care you need. They can even prescribe the medicine you need right from your video appointment and you can pick it up at your favorite pharmacy. And for the low price of $99, each appointment tends to be cheaper than your local 24-hour urgent care, even if you don't have insurance. Whatever you're suffering from, you can always get a doctor on demand with PlushCare!

It's important to know that PlushCare cannot diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine for every illness. So if you have an emergency, you should seek proper immediate attention. But if you have a milder illness, it's a fantastic option for getting great care on your schedule! 

LiveHealth Online Mobile

If you need to talk to a doctor right away but your primary care physician is not available, LiveHealth Online Mobile can help!  You can quickly book an appointment and connect to real doctors. With doctors available 24/7, you can get care whenever you need it, whether you're at home, on the go, or at work. It has Spanish-speaking doctors if that's your preferred language and you can even schedule full appointments with a licensed therapist. If you need to see a doctor, but don't have time to wait at an urgent care, LiveHealth Online Mobile is there for you!

LiveHealth Online Mobile uses a video call to connect you with your doctor, but sometimes the connection can be spotty. The audio or video may not work without a reliable connection, which can require scheduling a new appointment. But these problems are rare and if you have a wifi connection, your connection will be just fine!

Going to urgent care can be a challenge, especially when you're sick. So rather than go to the doctor, bring the doctor to you, with an easy-to-use video appointment app. Get all the care you need with none of the hassle. And if you have a more serious condition or need to see a doctor in person, check out our Best 10 Apps For Finding Urgent Care!

There’s no time to spare when you have a medical urgency. Find 24-hour urgent care clinics & doctors on demand near you in a matter of seconds.

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