From baby showers and big weddings to annual birthday parties - almost every month there's an event where you need to create a registry and let's be honest, it can get annoying really fast. First, you must write everything down. Next, send the list to friends and family. Then wait hours until one of them replies asking if somebody has already purchased the new TV set. Finally, make sure you have email notifications turned on 24/7 so you can keep track of everything. 

Registries are here to make everyone's life easier. And the three great apps listed below are here to turn an annoying job into a super easy and even exciting experience.

Target Registry

Strolling through enormous Target stores can be fun, but not when you're running out of time and there are tons of other things you need to do. With Target Registry you can easily save tons of time and have an entire wishlist done and ready to send in just a few minutes. Not only is the process extremely fast but the user-friendly controls make everything super easy. Right from the start you simply pick for what event you're creating a registry and then it's all about swiping the items you need. Can't get easier than that.

Although you might wish there was a specialized Target baby registry or wedding registry feature, the clever design is pretty crafty at filtering items. You'll be surprised how good it is at ensuring you're not looking at baby wipes while creating a wedding registry.

Bed Bath & Beyond

If you're moving into a new house or merely planning to update your existing home, you'll probably think of stopping at Bed Bath and Beyond at one point. And if you're creating a wishlist, there's even a bigger chance you'll want to include a couple of their items. With Bed Bath and Beyond Registry, you can create a wishlist no matter where you are. At home casually browsing the store with a cold glass of water in one hand and mobile device in another? Simply tap items and instantly create the perfect registry. Stumbled upon an item in the store and you’d like to update the registry? All you have to do is scan the barcode and the item magically appears on the list.

If you have a yearning to add something on the larger size, say a piece of furniture or a new BBQ grill,  you might wonder how the generous person buying the gift will get it to your home?  BBB has you covered as you can easily pick the item at the store of your choice whenever you want. And if stuck, the super helpful customer service is always there to help. 

Often you might start creating a registry at Target, only to realize Amazon has a better deal. With, you can effortlessly combine a pre-made Amazon baby registry with a Target baby registry. This way you can save some time. Plus, has so many stores in one place, you can easily spend hours on that wishlist.

A little bit of everything means you don't get everything. It's certainly easier to use Target registry if browsing Target, but the ability to combine multiple stores is just too good to miss. With, you literally get the feeling that all the stores in the world are right at your fingertips. 

While the apps above certainly provide tons of flexibility, when creating a specific registry, you might want to check out buybuy BABY registry, Babies R Us registry and others in our Best 10 Registry Apps .

Create your wish list or check out someone else’s with these great gift registry apps. You get what you want and so do your loved ones with registry apps.


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