It’s simply the worst feeling when it’s the middle of the night and your fever starts skyrocketing or a pain from earlier in the day seems ten times worse. The last thing you feel like doing is getting out of bed and driving down to the nearby ER. Now, you don’t have to! With these handy apps, you can check your symptoms and talk to a doctor from your phone or tablet within minutes 24/7.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand is well designed and easy to use. The interface is clear and straightforward guiding you through every step of the way and connecting you with a doctor in just a few minutes! Visit costs are clearly stated from the start and they are available with or without health insurance. If you require a prescription or further examinations, a doctor will set everything up at your convenience!

If your doctor's visit extends itself over the allotted time, then you will have to pay for additional time to continue your session. However, the savings you get - compared to a lengthy and expensive ER visit - more than makeup for it. Keep in mind that you might require laboratory tests before a final diagnosis is made. In this case, your doctor will make the necessary referrals and even give you a doctor’s note.


Babylon is a clever app that will check your symptoms, give you helpful medical information and connect you via video chat with a doctor within minutes. Basic services are free and, if you need to schedule a doctor’s visit, you can choose to subscribe for a low monthly fee or pay per visit! If a prescription is given, you can have it delivered to your home or the nearest pharmacy. Unlike Doctor on Demand, Babylon connects with other health apps and wearables to integrate all your health information in one place!

You will need to complete a short verification process before you start using Babylon. A support team will help you get everything sorted quickly if you have any issues. Previous versions of the app had some bugs (no pun intended!) but the most recent updates have ensured that it is now running smoothly!

Don’t let high blood pressure symptoms, symptoms of diabetes or flu symptoms get the best of you. Whether you are on the road, in the office or tucked in your bed, keep your health in check and get the immediate medical assistance you need. If you want additional health resources other than WebMD, make sure you check our Best 10 Symptom Checker Apps.

Don't head to the nurse just yet! These top-of-their-genre symptom checker apps could accurately diagnose your symptoms without a doctor's office visit.

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