Have you always been good at thinking outside the box? Put your creativity, innovation, and strong wits to the ultimate test with the best survival games out there! Build a home, defeat creatures alive and undead, and protect humanity from extinction.

1. Build a Home 

Creating a proper shelter is key to survival when you’re alone in nature! Build your very own home on these islands of adventure, create a weapons cache, gather food, and ensure you live to see another day.

Ocean is Home 

Explore your love for the ocean as you build your dream home on an island all your own! Enjoy the peaceful isolation of island life and utilize your creative instincts to craft items, transportation, and more.

Survival Island: Evolve 

Do you have a love for adventure? Love games like Minecraft Survival Island? Discover all there is to know about a unique adventure island world that will push you to your limits to see how well you can survive and thrive in a new environment!

2. Battle Dinosaurs 

Always wanted a pet dinosaur? Now’s your chance! Go head-to-head with the largest animals ever to walk the planet and become one with nature in these action-packed survival games.

The Ark of Craft 

Can you survive amongst dinosaurs? Gather the resources you need to survive while avoiding the giant reptiles that live all around you - one misstep and you could be dino food!

Dinos Online

Prove your survival skills on an island of adventure! Cross paths with tons of unique animals, discover rare resources and explore a totally uncharted world. Enjoy hunting with friends from all over the world.

3. Kill Zombies 

You are humanity’s last hope! You are suddenly surrounded by the undead. Do you have what it takes to fend them off and survive in a barren world? Find out with these fun, free survival games.

Day R Survival 

Gather food, build your weapons cache, and be prepared to fight at any moment to defend your life! Craft items, increase your skill levels, and most importantly: stay alive.

Survival Island 

Fight for your freedom on an island that’s riddled with enemies, both alive and undead! Be the hero you’ve always wanted to be as you fight to rid the world of zombies.

4. Hunt Wild Beasts 

Take your life into your own hands as you work hard to stay alive and battle the predators around you. Keep humans on top of the food chain and survive against all odds!


Take survival to the next level and traverse the world with tons of islands of adventure maps! Build a raft so you can explore, collect food, and stay alive amid a mysterious wilderness.


Make your last stand against the elements as you build a house from scratch, hunt for valuable resources like food and water, and attempt to keep calm when faced dangerous predators like man eating sharks. 

Take up the challenge and see if you have what it takes to survive alone in a world full of zombies, beasts, dinosaurs and more! Want even more survival game fun? Check out our Best 10 Survival Adventure Games!

Put your best survival skills to the test. Death-defying surroundings meet fast-paced action in these hardcore survival games.

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