Whether you want the best and brightest LED flashlight or strobe light handy in case of an emergency, or just need an easy way to get the party started with some light effects, these apps have you covered! Carrying around small flashlights is a thing of the past, and these apps give you even brighter light than the flashlight feature on your phone. Anytime you're left in the dark, just reach for your phone and tap away to light up the room in a flash!

Super-Bright LED Flashlight (android) & Flashlight Ⓞ (ios)

These apps give you a high-powered light for any occasion! Get a super-powered light on your Android with Super-Bright LED Flashlight, which is brighter than the normal flashlight that comes standard on your phone. The strobe mode has nine different flashes, for either emergency SOS or party effects. The Flashlight app for iPhone gives you an ultra-bright light on a simple and elegant interface. Just swipe to access the strobe feature or compass tool when needed in any situation. Plus, you can adjust the brightness with an easy touch of the dial!

These apps give you the best flashlights on your phone for free, but like many free apps, both of these contain pop-up ads, so you can enjoy these tools without having to pay a cent. Luckily, the ads do not get in the way of the light function and are very easy to close out of if desired. Your light will always be running as long as you need it to!

Brightest Flashlight (android) & Flashlight ¤ (ios)

Brightest Flashlight shines up to 10 meters, making it great for power outages or just those moments when you need to walk your dog late at night. It's also simple to slide to the strobe effect, and gives you colorful strobe effects whenever you need to pump up the party! An easy switch on the iOS Flashlight app works just like a real flashlight switch to get a quick touch of light. Adjust the strobe blinking feature with just a swipe on the screen for easy access if you need to help someone find you.

Brightest Flashlight can go all night, as long as you make sure to keep your phone unlocked! Users should be aware that the app will go off if your phone automatically locks, so it's best to turn the automatic lock off if you wish to use it for long periods of time. The iOS Flashlight app is more geared for tool or emergency use and does not include fancy color effects, but you will no doubt want to have this app around in case of any unexpected situations that arise.

High-Powered Flashlight (android) & Light (ios)

Illumination that is always accessible; no internet connection or wifi needed! A great tool for campers or hikers, the High-Powered Flashlight works just like tactical flashlights with an easy access-LED light and strobe light distress signals in 10 different frequencies. You'll love the built-in compass to use while your light is leading the way, so you always know where you're going. The Light - LED Flashlight app gets you all the bright light and strobe patterns you need on a very straightforward interface. Plus, you can double tap to turn the screen on or off, saving you precious battery life in the event that you may need to use your flashlight for a while.

Users love the great LED light that High-Powered Flashlight emits, but a few have pointed out that there is no way to turn the flashlight clicking sound off. It's a small inconvenience if you need quiet, but it does make it seem more like a real flashlight and make the app more fun to use! The iPhone Light app does include ads, but they are easy to get rid of forever with a small, one-time purchase, so you can enjoy reading in the dark or even reading menus in dim restaurants on a daily basis.

Don't get stuck without a light when you need it most! Especially when you need a strong, flashing strobe light to get attention fast. For other apps that will always shine bright, even in the darkest of places, check out our Best 10 Flashlight Apps.

Lighting up a dark room shouldn’t be hard or slow. Find the brightest flashlight apps and turn your device into a beacon.


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