Weather is, above all, unpredictable. But, with the right apps, you'll never get caught in the rain unprepared again. These great apps aren't just weather apps, they're full-blown storm trackers with all the features you need to follow any storm, whether it's a thunderstorm, hurricane, or tornado. The best way to stay safe and dry is to know the weather, and these apps will help you do just that.

Radar Express (android) & NOAA Radar (ios)

For Android users, Radar Express is a great option for your go-to weather app. All its data comes directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS). There's no better source for weather information. You can quickly view animated Doppler radar and forecasts for any US city, so you'll always know what the weather has in store for you and you can easily track any storm in or near the US. If you're an iPhone user, your option is NOAA Radar. You get all of the same great forecasts from NWS, as well as air quality reports, U.V. indexes, and an up-to-the-minute NOAA hurricane tracker. It's everything you need in a storm tracker app.

While its radar is second-to-none, Radar Express doesn't have as many features as you might expect for its forecasts; most notably lacking hourly forecasts. But if you're looking for a simple and effective radar app, Radar Express really can't be beat. NOAA Radar, meanwhile, is chock full of features and forecasts, but some users have had trouble with the typography design of the app. Sometimes the colors of the fonts can be hard to read, especially if you have poorer eyesight. But with so many features, it's sure to be a great storm, hurricane, or tornado tracker.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

If you want NOAA Doppler radar, all the weather alerts you can handle, and customized forecasts, NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts is what you need. Again, powered by data from NOAA, you can easily browse powerful interactive maps with radar, severe weather alerts, and local forecasts all in one place. You can even customize what information you get for your forecasts, like "Feels Like" temperature, barometric readings, and just about anything else you could want. Whether you want in-depth local forecasts, a live hurricane tracker, or just like looking at beautifully rendered Doppler radar maps, NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts has you covered.

While NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts is free, all those features take a lot of work to keep running, so expect some ads on startup and some unobtrusive banner ads. If you'd rather remove ads entirely, you can pay a subscription fee to do so. While the subscription fee may add up to more over time, with so many great features, it's well worth the price.

Keeping track of the weather and storms in your area is important for your well-being and safety (and keeping your hair dry too!) With these great stormtracker apps, the weather won't surprise you again. If you're looking for more, check out our Best 10 Storm Tracking Apps!

Accurately track hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and other severe weather with the help of the top live storm tracker apps on the market today.

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