Tired of getting caught in the rain or being unprepared for a big storm? With these real-time weather apps, you'll never be caught off guard again. Know when major storms are coming so you can prepare accordingly for hurricanes and more. Do you want to know about a storm before it happens? Especially if you live in an area where there is often severe weather, knowing the forecast ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble. Get real-time weather information so you and your family can be ready for any kind of storm.


Weather by WeatherBug

Weather can be scary and unpredictable without the proper tools. Keep track of dangerous weather by getting alerts about any severe weather that might happen. If you want a more personalized weather report and storm tracker, you can use filters to input your activities, allergies, and outdoor hobbies. By adding filters, you can get specific alerts to avoid certain activities because of bad weather. Are you traveling soon? You can get access to global weather forecasts so you can plan your vacation according to the weather. Get weather for the next 10 days so you know what to expect for the next week. For an even more time-sensitive weather prediction, Weather by WeatherBug gives you hourly forecasts that can help you stay informed about any sudden weather changes. 

Weather by WeatherBug is a great app for anyone wanting to keep track of the weather anywhere in the world. Some users feel that the app would be better if there was a way to comment on the photos in the photo gallery. Though this may be interesting for some, it does not diminish the functions of the app. The app is also regularly updated and the developers do pay attention to people’s feedback, so keep an eye out for the new features being added frequently! 


Unsure about how accurate the news’ weather forecasts are? Don’t worry, now you can get a reliable and real-time storm tracker in the palm of your hand. Get amazing tools like a live hurricane tracker and tornado tracker right on your device! Want to see a real radar with information from your area? You can keep an eye on your local weather radar to find out if there are any major storms coming and even view images. All the images give you a map and actual weather radar data. So whether you need a hurricane tracker or just want the weather forecast for the next few days, RadarNow! can help you find all the information you need. 

For now, RadarNow! only uses radars in the United States and its neighboring countries. Though it does not give you radars for the rest of the world, the app is experimenting with some new countries. This means they are planning on expanding their locations so you can get weather around the world. 

Being prepared for severe weather and storms can be much easier with a real-time tracker! For more great weather apps, check out our Best 10 Storm Tracking Apps! 

Accurately track hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and other severe weather with the help of the top live storm tracker apps on the market today.

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