If you own a portable device, chances are you’ll need a Wifi connection to get through your day. But when you’re out and about, how do you know which Wifi spots are the fastest? These apps not only show you the nearest connection, they also speedtest each one so you can save time and do what you need to do without having to test internet speed first.

WiFi Map 

There’s nothing worse than needing to urgently find information or send someone a message just to receive the “No Signal” error. Luckily, WiFi Map is here to show you where your nearest connection is, with a database of around 100 million worldwide, so you’ll never be without access. Need more speed? WiFi Maps’ easy-to-use smart search and map navigation features does a speed test of each WiFi spot, so when you need to stream a video or send that large report at the last minute, you know where to go.

You may occasionally come across passwords that won’t don't work as well as expected. The quick fix for this is just to update your password. However, with so many connections available to choose from, you’re just a few taps away from being online again.

WiFi Finder 

Whether you’re at home and forgotten your Wifi password, or away and really need to do some browsing, WiFi Finder brings you WiFi access from anywhere. Looking to download or send large amounts of content? There’s no need for the Ookla speed test. Using only verified hotspots from the Speedspots database, Wifi Finder gets you info on connection stability, signal strength, encryption level, and potential charges, so you can choose the exact the connection you need without doing the typical internet speed test. You can even download WiFi maps and access them offline in case you have no connection at all.

Sometimes you may encounter duplicate WiFi hotspots while others may be misnamed. This is due to connection info being shared by multiple willing contributors. These are updated sooner or later, so as long as you keep searching, your next available connection is only moments away.   

WIth a wide range of speed test apps doubling up as hotspot maps in the market, you’re just a few taps away from having access to the millions of fast Wifi hotspots available around the world. Stay connected and check out the the Best 10 Speed Test apps.

Accurately test your wifi and broadband speeds to determine system demands, best times for downloads, and how your internet carrier compares to the competition.

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