We know it can get frustrating when you need to send that urgent email or want to watch Netflix and chill, but your internet connection is not up for the task. Forget about calling customer service! Now, you can download an app that will analyze your WiFi connection and troubleshoot common issues. Check your WiFi’s security, test your internet speed and get reports that will tell you what the top performance hours are. If your problem is at home or at the office, these apps will walk you through to the solution. If your service provider is not up to par, they will also let you know!


The mystery of haphazard WiFi connections is gone with SPEEDCHECK. In addition to giving you accurate measurements of your internet connection speed at any time, SPEEDCHECK will also help you see the bigger picture and understand why your internet connection goes kaput just when you need it the most. A simple, intuitive, and colorful interface will illustrate what the best times are to surf the web, stream videos, play games and even chat with your friends! If your internet service is not fast enough to watch those HD movies, SPEEDCHECK will let you know!

Like so many other free apps out there, SPEEDCHECK does have occasional ads show up during the first few speed tests. However, as soon as you run a couple of speed tests, the ads magically disappear. That is a definite plus for such a well-designed app!

Meteor (android) & WiFi Anywhere (ios)

Forget about paying for internet when traveling! When you are on the road and need to find an internet connection, WiFi Anywhere (iOs) and Meter (android) will save you the hassle and tell you exactly where you need to go. In fact, you will get different options for free internet near you! Everything is presented in a simple and sleek interface that is easy to understand. Meteor will let you know what apps work best with the internet connection speed wherever you are. On the other hand, WiFi Anywhere will check the internet security settings and warn you if one of your apps is using too much of your data. If these are not the perfect trip companion apps, then we don’t know what are.

Unlike SPEEDCHECK, Meteor won’t give an hour-by-hour breakdown for best connection times, which might be something you are interested in. And, if you don’t like alerts on your phone, keep in mind that WiFi Anywhere will be notifying you when you have connectivity issues. However, both apps are free to use, and they can be a lifesaver when you need it.

Network Analyzer Pro

If you are having issues with your network connection, we recommend Network Analyzer Pro for diving a bit deeper to find the root of the problem. This is an impressive app that will give you a complete report on everything to do with your network. In fact, it is the go-to app for many IT professionals out there. Network test results are organized into colorful and highly detailed reports. You can also manage your network settings from the app which is extremely convenient! 

For those who are looking for a simple app like SPEEDCHECK or Meteor, Network Analyzer Pro might seem like it has a lot of information. Though you probably won’t be worrying about that when your network is back up and running. If you don’t want to pay for Network Analyzer Pro there is a free version with fewer features but quite handy as well.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is an old favorite for internet connection speed testing. Ookla Speedtest’s developers provide support across all platforms and have been around for over a decade. With one tap, you can test your internet speed connection and obtain results in a simple and easy to use interface! Speedtest by Ookla is a reliable app that has been well developed and provides accurate readings anywhere you go.

Keep in mind that Speedtest by Ookla will not provide you with many details apart from your network speed. If you are interested in a more detailed report of your network configuration and performance, you might want to check out Network Analyzer Pro instead. However, the simplicity of the app works to its advantage when all you want is a quick and reliable test of your internet connection.

Depending on what your needs are and how much information you want on your network’s performance, each one of these apps can help. Each one offers a unique value that will enhance your internet connection experience, help troubleshoot problems and get you surfing away. But if you haven’t found everything you’re looking for check out our Best 10 Speed Test apps!

Accurately test your wifi and broadband speeds to determine system demands, best times for downloads, and how your internet carrier compares to the competition.

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