The more you know, the better. This goes for anything in life and languages are no exception. Right after English, Spanish is the most used language worldwide so learning a bit more than just "hola" is a great way to spend time. Unfortunately, learning a new language can seem like a major feat, especially when you try to learn Spanish online. Luckily, tons of great apps can guide you through the process. Even better, some of them come with a super interactive Spanish Vocabulary. To save you time, here is a list of the best. You might even learn a word or two just by going through the list.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the granddad of online language learning. Started in 1992, the software matured beautifully with around 20 learnable languages, Spanish being one of them. What almost 30 years of experience brings is an extremely user-friendly interface and tons of cool features that make learning not only easier but enjoyable as well. TruAccent helps you nail down the accent while learning, interactive conversation simulations ensures you actively learn the language and best of all, you don't even need Internet. Just download lessons and you're good to go.

While Rosetta Stone does have flaws like feeling repetitive after some time, remember, the main reason you're here is to learn. And if your Spanish vocabulary is limited to just a few words, Rosetta Stone provides a fantastic learning experience where each new word creates a great feeling of progress.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary

What if you're not the one who wants to learn Spanish, but you want to pave the way for your kids? Although software like Rosetta Stone is perfect for adults, youngsters will find it overwhelming. With kids, it's all about taking small steps and Learn Spanish Vocabulary has 6000 of them. Through 7 entertaining games, kids can easily learn over 6000 Spanish words without even noticing. Kids are like sponges and this turns them into a super mega sponge for Spanish vocabulary.

The app is for kids so don't expect to have philosophical conversations in Spanish after playing spelling bee games for a few hours. Nonetheless, if you have a youngster showing a talent for languages, this is the perfect place to start.

Spanish Words Learn Español

Spanish Words does its best to make the learning process as easy as possible. You can instantly switch between reading, listening-only, interactive quizzes and more. Not only that, but more than 10,000 flashcards ensure every word sticks in your head through visual memory thanks to beautiful images. Finally, if you want to experiment, you can even try out the Sleep Learning feature. Who knows, you might wake up in the morning with a couple of new words in your Spanish vocabulary.

The only thing lacking is Spanish grammar lessons. But the rapid learning of phrases and vocabulary ensures you'll be more than ready to hit the streets of Spain and easily find a bar, restaurant or simply have a fun, little chat.


If learning Spanish is something you want to do in your free time, you'll likely want to make the most of your time spent. Babbel's snappy 10 to 15-minute lessons ensure you always learn something, even if it's during a quick trip from your home to job or school. And if you don't feel like taking lessons, you can do quick dialogue games and use Review Manager to really cement the words you've learned so far. One way or the other, Babbel provides a fantastic learning experience that will make every second count.

Being all about quick lessons, some people might feel they don't have enough time to really soak it in. Still, each lesson is neatly organized and ensures it doesn't give you more than you can handle. Plus, the fact you can learn basic Spanish in the quickest time possible, makes Babbel a great way to jump-start your Spanish.

Like everything else, learning Spanish is all about nailing down basics. If you already have a decent number of Spanish words in your bag or the apps above aren't what you're looking for, check out our Best 10 Apps For Learning Spanish. It's a neatly organized list made to save your time.

Español for the beginning bilingual! Learn Spanish in manageable lessons with Spanish to English translation apps teaching the Spanish alphabet and key phrases.


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