How often do you find yourself using your phone’s flashlight? If you sat and thought about it, it would probably be a lot more than you would instantly realize. This one phone feature can be a great everyday tool to look for dropped items under the car seat, or in a more serious situation, it can also be used as blinding tactical flashlights in self-defense. You can even use them to signal SOS in times of emergency. And that is exactly why you want these small flashlights to shine so bright.

Flashlight - Brightest Flash Light (android) & Flashlight.® (ios)

The Flashlight- Brightest Flashlight is the brightest LED flashlight around, and if that was it’s only quality we would stop right there. But this is not a normal flashlight, it can be used for your safety. It comes with an SOS option, for times of duress. The universal Morris Code could save someone’s life! Furthermore, you can set it up to strobe. This could be a fun party tool, or activate it during an early morning jog and allow other people to be aware of your position. The strobe feature can be personalized and allows you to build contact profiles, so when someone calls your phone it will strobe and alert you to the call. Perfect for those who are hearing impaired or those times you simply forget to turn up your ring volume. With this feature you’ll never miss a call again. Do you have the habit of losing your phone? Good news, IOS users of the Flashlight can link it to their Apple Watch and enable a beckon to find their missing phone.

Even though both of these apps come with an SOS option, they are hardly rugged flashlights like those you’d buy in an Army Navy store. Both the Flashlight-Brightest Flash Light and Flashlight are designed for convenience that just happen to have a great safety feature.

LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH (android) & Flashlight ◎ (ios)

Both the LED Flashlight Selene for the android, and the Flashlight IOS, offer the best flashlights for any military enthusiast. They re both extremely energy efficient and designed to give you the feel of a real military flashlight. Scroll over to enable the SOS feature, and you will feel vibration as you enable your different flashlight options. This lets you keep your eyes away from the phone screen, and aware of your surroundings. Both Android and IOS users will enjoy the quick responsiveness of this flashlight. It turns on in split seconds and the user options are extremely easy to navigate and enable. These flashlights mimic a real multifunctional flashlight you’d buy in a sporting goods store. The design is so functional you should be able to use it one-handed, without looking, in no time.

If you think these apps are too good to be true, you might be surprised to find that they really are that impressive. Users love both the LED Flashlight Selene and the Flashlight IOS for their aesthetics, and real-world practicality.

There are many flashlight options to choose from. Consider adding a flashlight to your phone if you are an early morning jogger, or if you find yourself searching for your phone often. And if that's not enough, check out our Best 10 Flashlight Apps!

Lighting up a dark room shouldn’t be hard or slow. Find the brightest flashlight apps and turn your device into a beacon.


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