For all the soccer fans out there, you know the feeling when you're at the edge of your seat wondering if the soccer ball will hit the net. You devotedly follow your favorite team, watch every game and even tune in for the ESPN soccer match review to catch up on all the stats. Finally, you can't help but wish you were out there on the field. 

Although there are tons of soccer games out there, not many have actual players and teams. Most of them are fictional and although fun, the fact you're not playing with real players strips a good bit of joy. To bring the thrill back, we listed 3 best soccer games with real players.

Dream League Soccer 2018

When soccer games initially moved to mobile devices, clunky controls were a real thorn in the side. While stuck figuring out what part of the screen does what, the ball would end up in your goal. It felt like trying to master head soccer - in other words, extremely complicated. The first thing you'll notice when starting Dream League Soccer is the smooth and instantly learnable controls. No kidding; it's astounding how easy it is to pick up on the basics. Once you do that, you can start creating your Dream Team and fill up the roster with your favorite soccer superstars.

Sports games are all about online multiplayer these days. Dream League Soccer follows in those footsteps and if you're an even remotely experienced gamer, you'll find the AI provides almost no challenge. Nevertheless, the solo gameplay is still incredibly enjoyable and is the perfect way to master your soccer skills. And when ready, you can hit the big league packed with skilled players from around the world.

Football Strike 

Every time someone mentions soccer games, they usually mean playing the regular game with regular players. But no matter the game, there's always that one crucial player that gets left behind. Of course, we're talking about the goalkeeper. Although lacking regular soccer gameplay, Football Strike makes up with incredibly quick and fun shootout action. Choose your favorite kicker or goalkeeper and perform incredibly satisfying free kicks and saves. It's incredible how such a simple game can be so much fun. Don't believe us? Try it out.

If you're looking for a regular soccer game, Football Strike isn't for you as this is all about the kicks. But since there are already countless soccer games out there, Football Strike is like a breath of fresh air for soccer fans around the globe.

FIFA Soccer

Every four years the biggest sports event takes places and 2018 is the year. Being around since the 90's, there isn't a lot of need to introduce the FIFA soccer game - they are the ones organizing the World Cup after all. If you're feeling the World Cup fever then Fifa World Cup Edition is the perfect cure for you. Perfectly organized to match the real-life Cup, you can play as any of the 32 qualified teams. If you're out of luck because your national team didn't qualify, don't worry. You can play as the official Italian or the US soccer team as well. 

Being the World Cup Edition, you can't play with soccer clubs, only national teams. But, you can create your own team and fill it up with both currently active players and legendary players that have long since retired. Ever thought of having both Ronaldo de Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo on the same team? It's time to score some goals.

Being such a thrilling and dynamic sport, it's no wonder soccer is the most popular game in the world. If you're looking to transfer the excitement to your device and none of these games are up your alley, check out our Best 10 Soccers Games list. We made sure to include only the best so you can start playing straight away.

Full soccer gameplay at the touch of a button! Grab a soccer ball, choose your teammates, and score winning goals with these realistic soccer games.

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