Ever dreamed of being the star player for your favorite soccer team? Well, now you can reach the top of the US soccer mountain with these story-driven, inspiring soccer games. Sure you won’t be featured on ESPN soccer news, but you’ll get to live the life of a star at least, and all straight from your phone.

Score! Hero

With the World Cup alive and kicking, what better way to carve out your own soccer career with an easy-to-play, hard-to-put-down soccer game? Score! Hero lets you create your own unique player and work your way to the big leagues improving your soccer skills with every game. Put your soccer head on and play your way through an immersive 560 levels and more. Pit your wits against a clever AI that will test your soccer skills to the max. Watch closely as every shot bends into the top corner with detailed 3D graphics designed to make you feel the action and intensity of the beautiful game.

Now with all challenging soccer games, it may feel at times the game takes the side of the AI. Unstoppable goalkeepers and unbreakable defense can be the order of the day. But with enough practice, you can outwit and outmaneuver your computer-controlled opponents to a well-earned victory, gaining legendary status in return.

New Star Soccer

If you’re up for an immersive soccer experience but crave more realism than the Head Soccer type games, New Star Soccer has it all. Live the life of a rising soccer star experiencing the up and downs of a turbulent footballing career. Create a new player, and flex your decision making muscle to take them from a 16-year-old beginner to Premier League legend. Not only do you develop their skills on the pitch but you’ll be in control of their celebrity status off the pitch too. Smart intuitive controls with realistic ball physics, mini-games, and an unpredictable AI makes New Star Soccer a true simulation of the football universe.

If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to put down, New Star Soccer may not be the best choice. As numerous reviews warn, it's a truly addictive experience. "It's a wonderful little game," says the Telegraph, "but it will eat your life." And the Sunday Times agrees, saying that it's "so engrossing you'll be playing until your phone battery dies." Up to you to decide if it's worth the addiction!

As the number of mobile soccer games continues to grow, more titles are using increasing phone power to allow you to experience an entire football universe straight from your device. Take your own soccer ball and be part of the action and check out our Best 10 Soccer Games.

Full soccer gameplay at the touch of a button! Grab a soccer ball, choose your teammates, and score winning goals with these realistic soccer games.

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