Whether you call it football or soccer, it can be hard to stay up to date with this fast-moving sport. Now, you can stay on top of all the latest news, scores, and highlights with apps designed for you, the fan! Whether you’re a fan of La Liga, Ligue 1, or MLS, you’ll be the first to know anything and everything about the world of soccer. 

SofaScore Live Score

Not only is SofaScore Live Score in the premier league of soccer apps, it is also the best place to get information about any sport. Covering competitions in 22 sports, it is the place to go for all your sports knowledge, especially soccer. The awareness and information of live games are unlike any other. The Interactive Heat Map allows you to watch the movements on the field and see which team has possession, which team is pressing, and how the other team is responding. It elevates the way you experience live games and transforms the way you follow the action on the pitch. 

SofaScore Live Score covers so much soccer, from so many different countries, it can be a lot to take in at first. You can easily select favorite teams and receive updates - they will be the first scores you see. Not only can you get information about your favorite teams from a multitude of international football leagues, you can also check out player ratings and stats for every player on every team. Player ratings are updated after every game, giving you the most up to date information for every match. You’ll be able to live, breathe, and eat soccer all in one convenient location!

All Football 

With so many different leagues and so many different games, it can be hard to keep up with the most exciting soccer moments of the day. Thankfully, All Football is the premier spot to check out all the best match videos and highlights. Not only can you keep track of your favorite teams, but you can also follow and receive updates on your favorite players. In the Match Centre, you can follow any live match with live text commentary, as well as frequently updated GIFs highlighting the best match moments. Stay on top of all the latest transfer news and rumors while also receiving live football scores from all the major soccer leagues around the world.

If receiving up to date news and live updates is a bit much for you, All Football may prove too dense. It covers not just match scores and stats, but news about different soccer leagues, both on and off the pitch. Full of information right at your fingertips, it’s loaded with information. There are tables, player breakdowns, and match analysis readily available at all times. Staying on top of soccer news and keeping up with all the latest matches has never been more accessible.

Keeping up with soccer from all over the world has never been easier: you don't even need to tune into and watch ESPN. Information and soccer highlights are more convenient and readily available than ever before. You’ll easily be the first and most informed of all your football friends. To stay even more up to date, check out our Best 10 Soccer Apps!

Whether you call it soccer or football; you can watch games on-the-go with apps that also provide you with all the scores & game dates you need.


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