Soccer is the beautiful game, and it’s also huge. With so many leagues, teams and thousands of players it can be difficult to keep track of everything at once. Luckily, with these informative soccer apps in hand, you can enjoy up-to-date coverage of everything from the Premier League to college football scores and fixtures before they even appear on TV. Whether you’ve been meaning to watch ESPN, Thursday Night Football, or simply catch the college football scores from the NCAA, enjoy the live commentary, customized news feeds and live scores from your phone.


The World Cup is here. Follow all the action wherever you are with live football scores and commentary. After more than the World Cup? Onefootball has you covered. You can customize feeds from over 200 major leagues and competitions, and be the first to know when a game begins or when an important transfer takes place.

You may wish to share your opinions on your team’s performance. Well unfortunately, Onefootball is missing a comments section. But that doesn’t stop you being able to impress commentators on other platforms such as 90min or BeSoccer with your up-to-date knowledge of the big game.


If you’re looking for live news covering everything from all the league competitions to minute details of individual World Cup players, BeSoccer is for you. You can plan your weekly schedule with an inbuilt calendar of games so you know what to watch and when. Have something to say about that yellow card? Share your thoughts with fans across the world via the apps comment section. With recent updates, BeSoccer brings you soccer highlights faster and more efficiently than ever.

One downside is that you may find comments left by passionate fans somewhat contentious. But don’t worry. BeSoccer has moderators that are constantly monitoring content to ensure conversations remain as civilized as possible. 


Looking for up-to-date soccer highlights and the ability to interact with fans of the game too? Get customized live feeds of soccer news across the European leagues. With content generated by dedicated fans bringing you the latest soccer scores and fixtures, stats, transfers, and commentary, you’ll never miss a moment. 

Of course, with fan-generated content, you may find some stories are a little exaggerated. These are by writers whose sole aim is to get clicks. But by reading from multiple sources within the app, you’ll find 90min to be one of the most informative apps around. 


If you’re taste in sports ventures beyond the world of soccer, you’re in right place. Basketball, hockey and cricket fans can enjoy customized score and fixture updates provided within 30 seconds of a highlight. LiveScore automatically changes its timezone to match your local area, and if you’re in a place with a slow internet connection, don’t worry, efficient data transfer means the app still runs as smooth as ever.  

LiveScore does generate revenue from ads, which you’ll occasionally come across. The interface, however, is still easy to use. Plus, with the abundance of up-to-date info from multiple sports, you may not even notice!

With more news than ever coming from the football world, the abundance of soccer apps makes it easier than ever to get the latest soccer highlights while on the move. Get your kick out of more soccer choices. Check out our Best 10 Soccer Apps.

Whether you call it soccer or football; you can watch games on-the-go with apps that also provide you with all the scores & game dates you need.


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