Shooter games are fun but only the most skilled have what it takes to master the sniper shots. We selected the best sniper games with weapon selection, so you can practice your aim and get the perfect headshot. Love all the great sniper games like Sniper Elite 4, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike? Just like those, choose from a variety of sniper rifles and customize your weapon to your needs. Follow in the steps of American Sniper and become one of the most lethal snipers in history!

Cover Fire

Jump straight into adrenaline-inducing combat with Cover Fire. Travel the world and fight your way through deserts, cities and guerilla-taken fields. Assemble a sniper team from over 20 heroes, and bring along smart hackers, demolition experts and more to help you in your missions! Alternate control over your mercenaries in-game to take on the battle on all fronts. Choose your preferred shooting style from a variety of weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles, and snipers. Controls are incredibly smooth and intuitive, making it a super-immersive shooter experience!

Being a phone-based game, you won’t see the highly detailed and smooth graphics you would normally expect from top gaming platforms like the PS4 or Xbox One X. However, Cover Fire easily outshines the graphics of many other phone-based shooter games. All the locations are stunning which make all the helicopter, drone and train sequences so much more rewarding!

Deer Hunter 2018

Do you prefer hunting games? Deer Hunter 2018 is a great choice that excels with realistic shooter mechanics. From life-like sightlines and delicate triggers to accurate gun operation, the perfect shot is yours to master. Choose your preferred firearm and upgrade your weapons as you advance. You will always find an exciting new way to hunt, with over 100 species of animals and gorgeous landscapes from all over the world. You can even hunt sharks underwater too! Play online and compete with other players for the title of the ultimate sniper on a worldwide leaderboard.

When starting the game from the title screen, you might see a bit of a loading time. This is completely understandable when you consider the vast worlds and stunning graphics that you are about to enter! Not a fan of hunting games? Try your shooting skills against zombies or enemy guerillas with any of the other games!

Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 3 will have you on the edge of the seat, with realistic sniper action and an intense storyline. Play the role of a deadly hitman with a loving family who soon discovers someone is trying to bring an end to his life. Choose your murderous weapon and play through over 55 missions full of epic sniper action. Make your best shot by considering realistic features like wind and distance! Fight your way through many awesome locations, filled with gory animation and great cartoon style art!

You won’t see a huge variety of weapon choices in Clear Vision 3. But with so many great customization options, you will easily create the deadliest weapon you are after! Not a fan of storylines? You might prefer Cover Fire to jump straight into the action. However, the story is definitely worth sticking around for. Clear Vision 3’s well-paced cutscene animations and intense storyline really bring the game to life.

Death Shooter 3D

Get your zombie shooter fix with Death Shooter 3D. Select your preferred weapon and upgrade your magazine, scopes, and silencer as you progress through the game. Practice your headshots with a precise targeting mode that makes zombie killing all that more fun. The graphics are dark and gory just as you would expect for any great horror game. With many zombies creeping up on you and trying to surround you, you are up for an adrenaline-inducing fight!

Upgrading weapon firepower can take some time, so don’t be too quick to jump on those high difficulty levels or you won’t be ready to tackle the undead! Practice your shots and find the weapon that best works for your shooting style. Upgrade it and watch it become the ultimate zombie killer! Death Shooter 3D’s graphics are simple but effective. Looking for more detailed graphics design? You might prefer Cover Fire!

Enjoy the fun of shooting games without the need to spend money on an expensive airsoft sniper and other sniper cosmetics. Practice your shooting skills with the best free sniper games right on your phone. Choose from a variety of weapons and customize them how you want to get that perfect shot. Want more games like these? Check out our Best 10 Sniper Games!

Military shooting games for the super-skilled! Test your best aim and steady hand against the most elite sniper games on the market.

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