Do your part to protect the world with these elite FPS (first-person shooter) sniper games. Engage in fun gameplay with an endless range of rescue missions to prevent disaster due to a zombie apocalypse or a hostile robot takeover. Enjoy some of the best first-person shooting available on mobile devices and tablets.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

Enjoy one of the best sniper games yet with Sniper 3D Gun Shooter. Choose from a variety of sniper rifles and multiple battlegrounds to launch your attack. With hundreds of thrilling missions, put your American Sniper skills to the test. The ultra-realistic 3D graphics give you the best sniper cosmetics of any FPS game. Earn rewards by killing robot and zombies in a limited time frame to help save the world by preventing World War 3. You'll be hard pressed to find a sniper team that rivals that of Sniper 3D Gun shooter. 

There are some ads in this game, but you can easily skip through them or upgrade to the premium version. As the game is highly addicting, many users choose to upgrade to take advantage of the added rescue missions that are exclusive to premium users. However you play the game, you'll have a variety of missions to choose from to prove you are part of the sniper elite 4.

Sniper Shooter Free 

If you like to engage with the story of the game, Sniper Shooter Free is for you. With over 13 chapters and more coming, there's a virtually endless amount of gameplay. Upgrade from your airsoft sniper and learn what it feels like to shoot with a military grade sniper. Keep your skills sharp by playing one of the dozens of mini sniper puzzles. Missions have different targets and different mission objectives to always keep you on your toes and to make the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. 

Sniper Shooter Free has two different ways you can aim your gun: you can tilt the screen to aim or you can swipe to aim. Some users complain that they don't like the tilt to aim feature, but you can always change this to the swipe to aim setting. Many also report that the tilting to aim takes some getting used to, but it is amazingly fun once you get the hang of it! Whatever your preference, the game can be played in different ways to suit whatever you need. 

Go on elite rescue missions and do your part to help save the world. For more fun with a sniper, check out the Best 10 Sniper Games!

Military shooting games for the super-skilled! Test your best aim and steady hand against the most elite sniper games on the market.

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