All gamers love a good first-person shooter, but some love sniper rifles the best. Taking care to line up the long shots and hitting your target from afar brings a special joy. With these great sniper games, you can live out your American Sniper fantasies on the go and on your phone!


If you love guns and explosions, you’ll love Overkill! It has 18 different weapons and hundreds of waves of enemies to fight across single-player and multiplayer campaigns. You can customize all your weapons just the way you want them and progress your combat ranking from Private all the way to General. With lots of explosions and high-def graphics, Overkill is one of the best shooter games you can get.

While Overkill is a great shooter, if you’re looking for a pure sniper experience like Sniper Elite 4, you may be disappointed with how long it takes to level up in multiplayer before you can access the sniper rifles. But with some grit and determination, you’ll get there and snipe your way to victory!

Sniper Strike 

Join Strike Force and take down the evil Elite Order with your trusty sniper rifle. With hundreds of missions, you’ll hone your sniper skills until you’re ready to challenge your friends and rivals to live PVP sniper duels. With lots of sniper cosmetics and upgrades to unlock, you’ll climb the leaderboards to prove you are the best sniper.

While most players love Sniper Strike, some have commented that later levels can be too difficult to beat without getting in-app-purchase upgrades. But as long as you put in the time and earn your skills, you should have no problem defeating the evil Elite Commanders and their cronies.

Sniper Fury

With beautiful 3D graphics and stunning bullet-time effects, Sniper Fury is the game for the serious mobile sniper. With tons of different sniper rifle options including railguns, you’ll put together a sniper team of your friends to take down enemy teams' bases and steal resources. You can even join a sniper Clan so you’ll always have a buddy to fight alongside.

All those beautiful graphics and bullet-time effects come at a price: a whopping 1.6GB file size, so make sure you have space on your phone before you download. But once you do, you won’t be disappointed.

Kill Shot Bravo

With over 2,400 missions, you’ll never run out of action with Kill Shot Bravo. Take down terrorists, soldiers, and even zombies with tons of realistic weapons and military tech. You’ll move through dense jungles, urban cities, and tropical islands, looking for the perfect vantage to take your next shot. With regular updates bringing new regions and missions, live PVP sniper duels to win, and bounties to collect, Kill Shot Bravo has more content than just about any sniper game out there.

With so many updates and features, you can expect the app to freeze from time to time. But if you restart and reinstall the app, it should work fine, and with such regular updates, any problems you have will be solved so you can get back to sniping!

With so many great sniper games to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Whether you’re a seasoned airsoft sniper or just love playing on your phone, there’s a sniper game for you. If you want more, check out our Best 10 Sniper Games!

Military shooting games for the super-skilled! Test your best aim and steady hand against the most elite sniper games on the market.

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