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Best Smartphone Utilities for Blocking Phone Calls & Text Messages

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Why You Need Call & Text Blockers

Here’s why you need to start blocking unwanted calls and texts:

Avoid Intrusion on Your Privacy

You may receive an unexpected call from a telemarketer, or a spam text from someone you’re no longer friends with. This situation means your mobile phone privacy needs extra-protection. If strangers can reach you without consent, then it means you need a call blocker.

Fraud Protection

Have you gotten that unsolicited call and you couldn’t tell it’s a phone scammer? Many phone users have handed out online banking passwords to these criminals. A call and SMS blocker app on your phone could have quickly flagged these strange numbers.

Total Control of Your Communication Tool

Regain control over your communication. It’s not only your social media and banking apps that require protection. The call and SMS features remain your primary means of mobile communication, so consider using any of the free call blocker apps out there. 

How to Block Unwanted Calls & Texts From Your Mobile Phone

Android Users

• For Android users, it’s easier to block calls without rooting your phone. You can blacklist numbers right from your call log.

• Locate the recent calls (with a clock icon) on the log. Tap the V icon on the right side of the target contact. Select View Contact.

• A bottom slide bar appears. Tap the Options menu (represented by three dots) close to the star icon.

• Add to Blacklist.

• Once you blacklist a contact, the call setting restricts their numbers.

How to Block Texts

• Open your “Messages."

• Select the “Option” icon on your right.

• Choose “Blocked Messages” or “Blocked Contacts," depending on your Android version.

• Tap the “Option” icon (three-dotted icon) on your right.

• Pick Block Messages and checkmark the target contact from your contact list.

iPhone Users

How to Block Calls

User can also block calls from their recent calls log and contacts on their iOS

• To block from the call log, locate the caller’s info icon (i) and tap Block this Caller.

• From the contacts, select the Contacts, and the contact info appears. Pick Block this Contact.

To Block Texts

• Open the message, tap the sender’s name or number at the top, and select the info icon (i).

• Tap the sender's name or number again, and a screen where you can scroll up to see the “block” option will show.

Best Apps for Blocking Calls & Texts on Android

The above methods may not be smart enough to block out unsolicited calls and texts effectively. The following apps bar unwanted communications with advanced contact flagging functions. Android users can try the following apps:


Truecaller has its search database where you can verify the history of an unknown number. Truecaller runs like a community, and users can flag or label a caller ID spam or fraud.

It has a colorful interface that displays info about incoming calls from unsaved/unknown numbers. You get the info based on reports of other Trucaller users.

Numbers tagged spam by other users are automatically blocked without ringing. You can even block numbers starting with specific area codes. Truecaller also has its SMS blocking app called Truemessenger.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number allows you to pick what category of contacts you'd love to block. From Spam/Annoying callers to Scam/Dangerous and Unknown numbers. Mr. Number comes with an easy setup. Just tick your choices, and you're good to go. Also, it's free.

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free is another free blocker app. It uses whitelists and blacklist to group numbers upon launch. So once you install it, you will need to select the numbers you want on your whitelist. The numbers left out would be barred. The app is also easy to set. In the app settings, you can adjust what phone numbers to block.

Other Android apps include SMS blocker, Blacklist Plus, and Should I Answer?

Best Apps for Blocking Calls & Texts on iOS

For iPhone users there are:


With Whoscall, you can restrict caller ID and block texting numbers. Whoscall works with your app setting selections. It also uses its own unique ID identification system to block spamming numbers and robocalls. You can join the user community to report caller IDs. The app has garnered impressive reviews and over 50 million downloads so far.

Avast Call Blocker - Spam Blocking for iOS10

Avast flags suspicious caller IDs, especially those notorious for scams, spam, and disturbance. Avast is a well-known brand that doubles as an antivirus powerhouse. It does more than prevent barred calls. It covers power consumption, app blocking, and antivirus scans.

Call Controls

If you want to block text messages and calls from various blacklists, then Call Control is for you. It picks IDs from your contact blacklist and its community to boost app intelligence. It has unique modes that allow you to set DND (Do Not Disturb) options.

Other apps include the iOS Versions of Truecaller and Mr. Number.

How to Get More Features Out of Your Call & SMS Blocker

Call & text blocker apps can do more than protect you from unwanted calls and texts; you can sync them to your phonebook, email, and other devices.

Many call blocker app services offer cloud storage backups for your contact list. Besides using them to block robocalls, you can block spam emails by syncing them to your email accounts. 

We hope this article helps you optimize the best security and privacy options for your devices. Get better control of your channels of communication by choosing from our Best Apps for Blocking Calls and Texts.  

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    Block unwanted calls with blacklist
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