Are you missing the latest sneaker drops? Where does a true sneakerhead go for their most coveted name brands and styles? The answer is found right here, where millions of people come together to create a unique and fun community.  


Nike SNKRS is a top pick for those who take shoe drops seriously. Forewarned, this is not Payless shoes. Sneakers are retail priced and there is limited stock. But the game is worth it. Nike shoes will send the user push notifications when their most wanted sneaker is about to go on sale, and then keep them updated down to the final minute. 

This is where it gets competitive. So to increase chances of snagging the prized sneaker you need to input your credit card info and billing address when you sign up. When the shoe drops use your thumbprint to check out. Because of high user volume, the checkout process can take several minutes. Be patient! The endgame win and pristine quality are well worth the wait.     

Foot Locker

Foot Locker is like that tried and true college dorm mate. But seriously, Footlocker has been around the block and generally doesn’t disappoint. VIP members get exclusive promotions and the app itself is easy to use. The Launch Reservation feature is a big win for those wanting the newest sneakers. Reserve the newest shoes at up to three stores in your area. Then jump to the front of the line by completing a few additional steps, like visiting a store location before the launch. 

Foot Locker may not be edgy and sharp like many new apps out there, but their seniority in customer service offers a great shopping experience. And the easy-to-use interface makes shopping as easy as strolling through the mall.  

Sneaker Crush 

Sneaker Crush is the DSW for sneaker apps. They offer respectable prices and endless shoe options. It is a comfortable experience. Now it’s easy to stay updated with all Jordan, Nike & Adidas release dates, news, models & prices. You can even discover Sneakers that came before your time by using the Catalog section of the app.

As the least competitive option than any of the previous mentioned, Sneaker Crush is straightforward with no hassles or special gimmicks. Scroll through the sneakers, mark any future release date on your calendar, and enjoy shopping current inventory. Simple and functional.  


Being the youngest in the group, GOAT strives for a mainstream feel. Its creators have an interesting backstory and aspired from the beginning to create something beautiful. They definitely accomplished it with the breezy layout and Instagram hashtag #ONFEET that showcases well-loved sneakers from around the world.  

Along with new arrivals, GOAT offers a buy/sell platform that frugal sneakerheads can trust; this pricing is better than Clark shoes found on Zappos. GOAT completes a strict quality check on every pair of sneakers shipped, and offers the buyer their money back if those standards are not met. Because of this red tape shipping can be a little slow, but the savings are worth it.  

In the end it’s all about the shoes. These amazing apps deliver great quality shoes and service to their loyal sneakerhead followers. Each app experience is a little different so try them out and if if the shoe fits, wear it. For even more, check out our Best 10 Shoe Shopping Apps!

Find your next favorite pair of shoes and buy them on the spot with the best shoe shopping apps. With these great apps, your possibilities are endless.

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