Recently, severe weather patterns have caused everything from floods to fires to hurricanes and tornados. No matter where you live, you need to keep an eye on the weather so that you don't get caught unaware. Here are the best apps for keeping up-to-date on severe weather.

1. Minute-by-Minute Forecasts

The weather can change in just a few seconds. Get minute-by-minute forecast reports straight to your phone so you can keep up with the weather in your area, whether it's clear or volatile near you.

MyRadar Weather Radar

Is there a storm warning in your area? Watch it unfold with a high-definition severe weather map, powered by Doppler, that updates in real-time. Track snowfall and rainfall in your area as it descends! 


Perfect for your normal day-to-day weather needs. Weather alerts give you a head's up so you know if you need an umbrella or jacket before going out. Plus, you'll always know just how the weather feels outside at any given time.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

Severe weather alerts push to your phone so you're the first to know about tornadoes, flash floods, severe thunderstorms, and more. The HD storm maps let you weather watch in real-time too.

2. Personalized Weather Reports

Never Google "weather near me" again! Receive personalized weather reports based on your area and your filters. Even get customized weather alerts and storm warnings direct to your phone.

Weather Underground

Crowdsourcing weather data allows these forecasts to be "hyperlocal", or extremely specific. You should be able to receive weather warnings based on your exact location - something that no other app can do.

Weather by WeatherBug

Tell WeatherBug about your lifestyle and it will tell you what weather you should expect! If you have allergies, like to hike or own a home with a garden - WeatherBug has you covered.

Storm Radar with NOAA Weather & Severe Warning

Customize what kind of layers you want to see on your personal weather map, which integrates seamlessly on the HD map. And because it's from the Weather Channel, you know it's accurate!

3. Weather Forecasts for Travelers

Nothing is worse than getting stuck inside due to a storm during your vacation. If you're going to be traveling, make sure you know what to expect at your destination - and make sure you pack accordingly!

The Weather Channel

Wait, another Weather Channel app? Of course! Since the Weather Channel is the authority on weather, it has an app for any weather need. This one gives you an overview of the forecast for any city or region worldwide.

Weather 14 Days 

Find out the forecast for not only the next week but the next two weeks together! It's perfect for planning a longer trip. Plus, with support for over 50 countries and 20 languages, it's helpful for travelers from all over the world.

Now that you're prepared for severe weather alerts with storm warnings and customizable forecasts, you can take a breather. When you know the next big storm or weather event is coming, you'll be able to better prepare for it - and keep your loved ones safe! For even more severe weather apps, check out our Best 10 Severe Weather Alert Apps:

For everything from tornados to torrential downpours, national and local weather stations have your back with severe weather alerts and storm warnings.

Severe Weather Alert

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