Taking the perfect selfie can be difficult if you are unhappy with the lighting or with the way you look in a picture. Now, you can edit pictures the way you want and make them truly beautiful and unique. Have you ever wanted to add cute makeup or stickers to your photos? Now you can access tons of filters to make your vision into a reality. For anyone who loves taking pictures and editing them, these apps will allow you to show off your creativity and make beautiful photos. 

YouCam Makeup 

YouCam Makeup allows you to add any kind of makeup like foundation, lipstick, blush, and so much more to your selfie. Do you love Disney princesses and want their makeup looks? Now you can edit makeup from your favorite princesses like Belle and Cinderella onto your selfies. This app is perfect for taking that once-in-a-lifetime yolo selfie and much more. If you have a certain part of your face that you want to add makeup to, you can just add something to your eyebrows or just add lipstick to your lips. Explore your creative side by creating your own makeup looks or just choose one that you like. Have you ever wanted to see what your hair would look if it was a different color? You can use this app to add fun colors to your hair and you can even change the style of it! 

YouCam Makeup is great for anyone who wants to use makeup to enhance their pictures and try out new makeup looks! Some users have found that occasionally when trying to use the camera on the app it may lag before the picture is taken. Though taking a picture may take an extra few seconds because of the lag, you can rest assured that you can still take beautiful selfies and edit them without any trouble. As long as your patient, you can enjoy all the features this app has to offer! 

YouCam Perfect 

Looking tired in a picture? With YouCam Perfect you can edit and remove eye bags and dark circles in any selfie like teen selfies or mature selfies! Want to edit yourself and your friends? You can edit everyone’s faces in the selfie so that you can all look flawless and make your selfie perfect. If you are unhappy with how your skin looks, you can use the blemish remover to get rid of any acne, dry skin, and wrinkles. If you like makeup, you can add blush and contour your face for bright healthy looking skin in every photo. Change the background of your selfie to make you the center of attention, remove items, change the lighting, and much more! 

Some users have found that there are so many different tools to use to edit your selfie that sometimes it may be hard to find the filter you want. Though it may take some time to find what you’re looking for, you get to explore tons of ways to edit your picture and you might find something even better that you didn’t know about.


Have you ever been worried about how you look in a picture? Now you can take all the stress away with this quick editing tool. Perfect your skin by erasing any blemishes or dark spots that can show up in your picture, and make yourself look radiant and perfect. Have you ever wondered what you would look like with different colored eyes? You can change the color of your eyes in any picture without having to wear annoying contacts to achieve a different color. Give yourself a glamorous tan for all those summer vacation photos without sitting out in the sun. Unhappy with your hair looking flat? You can add volume to your hair with a couple of simple clicks so that your hair can look flawless in a picture. 

BeautyPlus is perfect for anyone who loves editing photos and anyone who wants to look better in their selfies. When trying to save the edited photo on your phone, some people have found that it may take some time for the photo to save. Though this may take some time, it is worth it to see all your edits. As long you are patient, you can see your picture in a matter of minutes! 

Looking great in a picture has never been easier! If you love these skin-perfecting apps and want more, check out our Best 10 Selfies Apps! 

Selfie obsession is increasing every day. Take your best selfies whether you’re a teen or a bit more mature. Capture the best you ever!


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