Best SAT Preparation Tips for High Scores

Commence Your SAT Registration

All your SAT plans rest on your registration processes. Why prepare for an examination if you're yet to register? It's only after registering that your plans to study and pass the SAT become a reality. Proceed to the College Board website and create an account. Right on the platform, you can choose exam dates and locations.

Pick a nearby exam location that's easy to reach on the test day. Your choice of the date depends on other factors like your preparation timeline. You'd want to select a time that gives you room to prepare well. New to the SAT? Then consider choosing a date that offers at least three months of prep time.

There are some cases where you'd have to take the exam to meet application deadlines. If that becomes your circumstance, a tight study schedule spread across weeks will be essential. This study strategy demands more devotion of your time to study. If you think you need support, then you can sign up for a coaching class.

Understand the Examination Structure

Now that you have your date and location, it's time to get into real preparation. Understand how the SAT works. The examination has an overall structure. It awards a total of 1600 points allocated to two sections. 800 for the Math tests and the other 800 for the Reading and Writing section.

Four hundred points are the lowest possible score you can get overall in the test. This standard means you'd have to score a minimum of 200 on each of the sections. Essays are treated as optional and graded differently.

The SAT adopts a multi-choice approach to its questions. So you'd have to pick the correct answer to each question from a variety of options. But the optional essay tows a different approach. A few of the math questions use "Grid Ins." You'd work out the calculations and then use the answer to complete the grid. Some math sections permit calculator usage, and some do not. 

Study Rich Content on SAT

Studying helps you unlock the various aspects of the SAT, which you may not discover on your own. The SAT is going to be testing your knowledge of many subject areas. Therefore, taking the time to consume the study guide, SAT prep textbooks, and materials will advance your understanding.

Test prep materials will help you understand the SAT question format and pattern. Practice helps limit the surprises on test day.

So, studying helps you anticipate the question types unique to each section. The preparation tactics for SAT Math differ significantly from SAT Reading. Likewise, you'd also need to adopt the practice tests for SAT Writing and SAT Essay.

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Having an understanding of the test builds your confidence on test day. But other hidden factors can affect your performance. They are your area of strengths and weaknesses. Failure to incorporate them into your study might diminish your score considerably. If you know the skill areas, you're weak at and those you're excellent at, you'd know how to apportion your study time.

Attempt a full practice SAT to reexamine your performance capabilities. The College Board releases practice tests for prospective candidates. Test coaches and tutorial centers also provide practice and tests. Create and devote time to improving your SAT practice score. For math, go with the worksheets and the approved calculator type. Your practice environment and method can impact you a lot on test day. You can ask a coach to help you recreate the real test scenario without dropping the standards.

Let your scoring methods adopt the original scoring guidelines. SAT questions has its score calculation guidelines. A fail during practice is an opportunity to be better. Improve on the weak areas but never ignore the strengths. They need practice also. Track your wrong and right answers, and use the outcomes to measure your strengths and weak spots. 

Set a Score Goal

You're making progress already. You now know the structure, test content, and performance abilities. Leap higher by setting a personal goal score for yourself. Isn't that too, overconfident? No, it isn't.

It's helping you set the possibilities of what you can achieve. With enough practice and a consistent study schedule, a high score is never far. But you should set realistic goals. Have a clear way to achieve them. Divide the target score into two sections and be precise about the expectation of each.

Before you study for SAT, know your target. What do you want to achieve in the math section with and without the calculator? Use the standard timeframe to measure your speed on questions. You can accomplish this feat with a study group or a coach. It's possible to increase your score points by 100 with every month of disciplined practice. 

Are you bothered that the SAT Preparation might be overwhelming? You're not alone. You can make remarkable improvements by following the prep tips shared above. Check our list of Best SAT Prep Apps to get started. 

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