Everyone loves grooving along to music with a great rhythm. With tons of fun mobile games based all around rhythm, how do you know which rhythm game is the best one for you? We’ve collected the best rhythm games right here, so you don’t have to look any farther.

1. Simple to Play

Let’s start at square one. Sometimes, less is more! Tap along to these simple rhythm games as a great way to pass the time and enjoy some great beats.

Beat Fever 

This might be the actual best rhythm game in the world. It’s not quite an Osu! rhythm game but it is pretty close. Feel the beat with your fingers as you tap along to some of the most popular music from SIA, Zayn Malik, MGMT, Macklemore, and tons more.

Tap Tap Reborn 2 

Tap along to the beat of popular songs from genres like pop, rock, EDM, and even trap music. Even take it to the next level by playing in slash-and-shake mode, where you have to slash across the screen or shake your phone in time to the music!

2. Music with Anime Stories

Games with storylines are always more fun, aren’t they? Join a band or form your own in these anime-style games with exciting musical storylines.


Join the teen band Voez as they play their way to fame. The beautiful anime storyline is fun and heartfelt, which complements the unique playing style. It’s way more than a simple tapping game!


This arcade-style rhythm game blends tapping and gorgeous art to create a futuristic feeling. The storyline is a bit more thematic and existential than Voez, but for those who like their games to have deep meaning, this is for you.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 

If you like Japanese pop music and especially Japanese girl bands, this is definitely for you. The songs are all by popular Japanese artists, and there are a bunch of different characters to choose from. Eventually, you get to build your own pop girl band!

3. Features DJMax Music

Are you an aspiring DJ? Try playing DJ games, like one of the tons of games in the DJMax action-rhythm series. They’re just as fun as the desktop PC rhythm games from the DJMax universe, but now they’re available on your phone.

Tapsonic World Champion

Tap along to the rhythm online or offline, with music from DJMax and from Tapsonic. You can download and play along to virtually any song from a previous DJMax game, all in one place.

DJMax Technika Q 

If you’re a DJMax purist, then here’s the latest installment in the DJMax series. You can play over 100 songs from the entire series, but with a new and unique gameplay design that might surprise you.

4. Play Your Own Music

Playing online rhythm games to other people’s music is never as fun as playing along to your own. Some games allow you to import your own favorite music and tap along to the rhythm of songs of your choosing!

Beat MP3

Here’s one that lets you import any song you want from your own music library. It creates a tap-along game for each song, and even lets you choose your level of difficulty so you can challenge yourself while listening to your favorite music!

Guitar Band Battle

Do you remember loving Guitar Hero and Rock Band as a kid? Well, now you can play a mobile version for free and relive all those nostalgic memories. There may only be nine songs, but it’ll be a challenge to master them all in three levels of difficulty. And you can choose songs from your mobile device for even more fun!


Sometimes you want to do more than tap along to the rhythm. When you want to do a little more, then check out Melobeat, where you can become a pianist right on your phone. It takes more skill than a normal tap rhythm game, but it’s so worth it.

There are lots of options, right? That’s why we’ve collected all the best options and ranked them here for you to choose from. If you still want to look at some more options, check out all of the Best 10 Rhythm Games.

Show off your insane rhythm skills and keep the beat on the go with the best of these genre-topping rhythm games!

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