With the technology changing so fast in a rapidly modernized world, we all sometimes find ourselves nostalgic for a simpler time. Back in the days before laptops and VR sets, there were classic arcade games - a favorite pastime for many, many people. But now, you can play retro arcade games either online or right on your mobile device! Find the best arcade games of all time ranked here.

1. Old Arcade Games: Our Favorite Classics

Miss the classics? All the retro games you loved to play in the arcade back in the day are now available in your pocket, wherever you go, right on your phone.

Who doesn’t love Pac-Man? The original game has been revamped and recreated hundreds of times, but the first version has always been the best. Now you can play Pac-Man on the go with the app while competing against other players worldwide to get the highest score!

Blowing up asteroids has never been more fun than with this asteroids game. Destroy alien invaders, asteroids, and save the universe - all while enjoying the classic 8-bit art style and classic arcade game controls.

It’s a classic coin-collecting game where you dodge obstacles, rack up points, and level up. But this time it’s been updated with beautiful HD graphics. Enjoy all the fun of an arcade game plus new cutting-edge game design!

2. New Retro Arcade Games with Famous Characters

A new generation of arcade-style games has come about in the last decade featuring characters that anyone can recognize. These newer takes on classic games are must-haves if you call yourself a gamer.

So popular that it earned its own major motion picture, Angry Birds is easily a household name by now. With tons of levels and diverse gameplay options, you’ll literally never get bored of the game. Just ask the millions of players who have been addicted to the game since day one, making this one of the most popular mobile games ever!

If any character-driven game is going to give Angry Birds a run for its money (pun intended), it’s Sonic Dash. Sonic the Hedgehog is the “World’s Fastest Hedgehog” and has spawned tons of spin-off games, TV shows, and more. Run around the expansive, endless world and stop Sonic’s enemies from executing their evil plans.

Does it get more classic than this? Simply use your finger to guide the snake and break the blocks - that’s all there is to it! Level up through tons of exciting and unique challenges and decide for yourself whether this game is one of the best arcade games available on mobile.

3. Need More Options? Try Arcade Game Collections

Not only can you have an arcade game on your phone, but now you can have the entire arcade on your phone too! Download a whole collection of arcade games in one app and find content to last you a lifetime of classic fun.

Pick from any of the 10 retro-inspired arcade games in Home Arcade and play to your heart’s content. The graphics are completely immersive in the classic arcade style, so even if you haven’t heard of the games in here you’ll still feel like you’re getting the full arcade experience.

An article on retro arcade games would be remiss if it didn’t mention the pinnacle of all retro arcade game companies, Atari. You can now play hundreds of the best Atari games, straight out of the ‘70s and ‘80s, right on your phone. Does it get any better than this?! To be honest, I’m not sure it does.

If somehow none of these hit the spot, there are tons more games over on our Best 10 Retro Arcade Games page. With so many options for playing fun retro arcade games on your phone, you really have no excuse but to start enjoying yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get playing!

Retro arcades for the modern gamer, available at the touch of a button. Play the best 80s arcade games of all time right on your mobile device.

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