If you're new to cooking, there's no doubt that those easy chicken recipes you read about will seem harder and more time-consuming than expected. But with the right cooking apps, you can fix-up your favorite dinner recipes and still have time to wash the dishes and get back to your favorite hobby.

Food Network In the Kitchen

If you're wondering what to cook for dinner tonight, what better inspiration than to find out what your favorite celebrity chefs are having. Food Network In the Kitchen brings you over 70,000 dinner recipes to pick and choose from. Watch step-step video guides from the most talented chefs in the industry, including Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and more. Find a recipe for your next cooking session? You can even save recipes from your favorite shows, including ones aired live.

You may find the app does get a little unstable at times. That's because there's so much content to choose from. Be sure to use the app to share recipes with yourself via email or other tools so you can continue those dinner recipes in the heat of the moment.

Kitchen Stories 

Having someone around to teach you to cook healthy recipes can change your kitchen habits forever. Kitchen Stories - Recipes & Cooking is that someone, featuring an easy-to-use interface, step-by-step photos and videos with recipes for everybody - even vegetarian and vegan recipes. Kitchen Stories even generates shopping lists for your chosen recipes so you know what to get from the store on the way home.

You will have to sign into your account in order to use the app. No worries, this means you can save your favorite recipes for later! Plus, the vast collection of the simple time-saving recipes with clear instructions make it worth getting past the extra screen.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Whether you need meat recipes, vegetarian recipes or vegan recipes, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner truly lives up to its name. From the vast database of video-based recipes by talented home cooks, you can create a mouth-watering list of the dishes you want to cook next. Allrecipes even helps you locate ingredients from nearby stores, saving you time having to search for those all-important herbs and spices. Stumbled upon something delicious? Share your own cooking videos with the community and become your own celebrity chef.

With so many home cooks sharing their video-based creations, you may find the wealth of options can occasionally slow the app down. However, Allrecipes developers are constantly updating their app to boost the capacity to store more recipes, so be sure to check back regularly for your next cooking venture.


What if you could cook easy, healthy recipes that also taste great too? That's where Runtasty comes in, featuring established and unusual low-calorie dinners to impress your taste buds and those of your guests too. Each recipe provides a run-down of protein, fat, and calorie content, so you can keep track of your diet throughout your day. 7 key videos with a range of culinary techniques help make cooking a lot easier and enjoyable.

Unlike Allrecipes, you may not find every type of dish you want to cook. However, you can always take the unique techniques learned from Runtasty and apply them with your own creativity. You might even invent a new dinner recipe everyone loves.

Yummy Recipes Cooking Taste Videos (android) & Tasty (ios)

If you prefer delicious food all day and not just for dinner Yummy Recipes Cooking Taste Videos for Android and it's iOS equivalent, Tasty is for you. Yummy Recipes lets you create your own cookbook of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a simple interface and easy-to-follow video guides. A vibrant cooking community shares their techniques with each other and welcomes your culinary input too. Tasty sends you recipes daily with detailed yet clear instructions. You can even learn more about the food you're preparing using the Lifestyle Column, featuring a collection of videos of your favourite recipes.

With Yummy Recipes you may find videos don't work on some devices, however, the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and can be used as a backup while you're busy in the kitchen. WIth Tasty, some recipe instructions can appear unclear at times, luckily the community has your back, and the comment section under each recipe fills in any blanks so the dish you've been craving comes out the way you want.

So many user-friendly cooking apps feature simple, savory, and easy dessert recipes that make cooking more accessible. Simply bring your smartphone to the kitchen and get the Best 10 Apps For Recipes.

Grandma's cookbook for the modern age! Recipe apps bring hundreds of easy dinner and dessert recipes straight to your kitchen at the touch of a button.

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