Until recently, PC was the only way you could play breathtaking real-time strategy (RTS) games. Luckily, with the dawn of mobile games, you no longer need a powerful computer to enjoy the best real-time strategy games. Even better, you can easily play the games on the go.

1. Start with the Basics: Kings & Clans

Always wanted to test your strategic skills against players around the world? Not a problem, but if you want an epic battle, first you need to build an epic army.

There’s no better feeling than crushing other players’ castles; especially when there’s an enormous army that has your back. Craft powerful weapons, train countless different soldiers, fortify castle walls and you’ll always be ready for a good fight.

Crushing the enemy is excellent, but crushing the enemy in different game modes is even better. Players can go against each other in outrageous battles, each with a unique set of rules, abilities, and rewards that change with every fight.

Real-time strategy games are all about carefully planning your army’s next move. It’s entertaining and ensures great brain workout, but sometimes you just want to have simple fun. If you love to build troops and fight intense, super-fast battles, Blaze of Battle is for you.

2. Step Up the Game With Friends & Magnificent Monsters 

Proving your strength in real-time strategy games is highly satisfying. But there’s always that one player who’s stronger and you wish you had a more powerful monster at your side or even better; a powerful friend.

If enemies are always attacking you, why not send an enormous titan to take them out? Enjoy upgrading titan’s skills, armor and even looks. It’s RTS games meets a monster breeding simulator and you can’t get better than that.

If a giant isn’t what you’re looking for, how about real-time friends and powerful alliances? Create strong 30-member teams with players worldwide, plan attacks together and build fortresses no army in the world can destroy. Achieve victory together!

Although top-notch graphics aren’t necessary for RTS games, we all love imaginative visuals. With its recent release, Final Fantasy XV’s stunning graphics make a smooth transition into one of the most beautiful free real-time strategy games available.

3. There’s Something Brewing in Galaxies Not So Far Away

Real-time strategy games often take place in medieval ages while at the same time there are a lot of players who prefer space games. Well, if you love exploring galaxies with deadly spaceships, you’re in for a treat.

Why fight with swords, horses, and arrows when you can have plasma guns, rocket launchers and glorious spacecraft? Enjoy upgrading your fleet with lethal lasers, rockets, strong shields and build the most robust space armada in the history of the universe.

If one galaxy is too small, how about an entire cluster of galaxies? Quickly jump from one universe to another and join intense battles in one of the best space real-time strategy games. If you face a stronger opponent, don’t worry – you can always make a deadly spaceship even more deadly.

Want to have fun as you destroy the galaxy? Most real-time strategy games focus on being epic, legendary and extremely serious. But you can easily be epic and legendary while having a good laugh. Iron Marines is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously yet provides hours of great fun and tons of laughter.

Real-time strategy games are getting better and better all the time. That being said, the only thing that makes sense is to join the continually evolving fun by checking out the Top 10 Best Real Time Strategy Multiplayer Games.

Take the war with you! With real-time multiplayer strategy games, you can battle in high-definition graphics and challenging gameplay anywhere, anytime!

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