Kids enjoy racing and ever since the excitement moved from the backyard to a portable device, parents must search for kids racing games free of ads that are extremely fun & suitable for children. Why? Because finding just the right game gives every parent peace of mind.

1. Fast Cars & Big Trucks 

Kids are fascinated with fast cars and big trucks from a young age. Since we can’t put our young kids behind the wheel for many years, luckily there are more than enough fun car games kids can play.

Hot Wheels 

Kids are simple. Give them cartoony graphics, imaginative cars, simple controls and the little scoundrels will have hours of fun playing car racing games. Swooping around the tracks and racing to the finish line is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.

Kids Car Racers

Some kids like silly cars with fire shooting from the back while others prefer realistic cars like the ones they see on the street. From racing cars to speed-chase police cars, kids can easily enjoy driving the car of their choice.

Truck Driver 3D 

Every kid is different. Some like fast cars and others have a thing for large trucks. Truck racing games are as fun as any car game and if there are dozens of different trucks to choose from, who can complain?

2. Motorcycle Games 

Your kid wants to swap four wheels for two wheels? Not a problem. Bike racing games provide unique and exciting motorcycles that any parent or a child will love. Who knows, as you watch your kid playing, you might wish to join the fun as well.

Bike Race Free 

Who doesn’t want to do crazy spins and jump over holes with a bike? Performing cool stunts is a great feeling, especially when you don’t have to actually put a helmet on and hope for the best.

Fun Kid Racing Motocross (android) & Dirt Bike Mini Racer (ios) 

Overwhelming your kids with tons of complicated game controls is no fun for anyone. The youngest kids just want to tap the device and have fun. With the right bike racing games, tapping all over the screen is all a kid needs to start having blast.

3. Trains, Funny Animals & Cool Ninjas 

Hearing the distinctive “Choo Choo” sound makes any kid giggle. Instead of taking the kids to the train station, you can bring the fun home with train racing games. If they get bored with trains, surprise them with something extra they’ll never expect, like penguins or ninjas.

Thomas & Friends

There isn’t a child out there who doesn’t know the famous Thomas and Friends cartoon. The instantly lovable characters and kid-friendly stories are the perfect combinations. And it gets even better when you realize how easy it is for the kids to play with Thomas and other trains.

Beepzz (android) & Racing Penguin (iOS) 

Alongside vehicles, animals are the next best thing kids can’t help but love. So why not give them the best of both worlds? Cuddly, animal-shaped cars and a lovely penguin sliding on ice is only the start of an incredibly imaginative gaming experience for kids.

Ninja Kid Run Free

Who needs wheels when you have a quick ninja running down the track? When you notice your kids breezing through all the super easy games, Ninja Kid Run is the perfect one to give them a bit of an extra challenge.

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Let your kids steer for once in these fun kid’s racing games. The car games are easy to learn & will assure plenty of fun for kids of any age.

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