Pyramids are one of the world’s largest unsolved mysteries, so it’s no surprise that we find them fascinating in every way possible. Great music bands, companies, games, and characters like Black Pyramid, The Pyramid Collection, Pyramid Plunder and Pyramid Head even went so far as to be named after them. So, it’s no surprise to find a modern version of our favorite solitaire game called Pyramid Solitaire! Try your hand at this great game using your logic and strategy for a fun and relaxing way to wind down after a hard day at work. We selected the best pyramid solitaire games with leaderboards, so you can see how you stack up against other players too!

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a great game that has been developed by the creators of the popular Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga. Play through a pyramid solitaire adventure story that takes place in the ancient world. Solve your way through hundreds of challenging strategy puzzles as you travel around the world! The graphics are stunning with fun and interactive animations that bring a unique twist to the pyramid solitaire game. Share the fun with your friends and compete for the highest score. Want to be the ultimate solitaire champion? Compete with other players online on a worldwide leaderboard.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga’s levels become more challenging as you advance. This means you will really have to hone your logic and strategy skills to master the higher levels! Need help beating a challenging level? Use boosters and spells you unlocked in previous levels to gain that extra edge you need!

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Transport yourself to a realm of wonder and magic with Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt. The artwork is spectacular with stunning sceneries accompanied by great sound effects and animations. The game runs smoothly, with intuitive controls and a simple interface, making it perfect for when you want to relax without any complications. With some great logic and strategy, you can compete for the top score on a worldwide leaderboard. Invite your friends and family to play and see who gets the highest score!

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is free to play, so you will see the occasional ad. It's a small price to pay for a great game that you can enjoy without any limitations. You are not pressured to make in-app purchases to advance like many other games do. In fact, there aren’t any! Beat levels using your brain skills alone!

Pyramid Solitaire is a great way to unwind after a long day and keep your brain active. Bring on your best logic and strategy skills to get rid of those pyramid cards and be the champion of Pyramid Solitaire! For more great games like these, check out our Best 10 Pyramid Solitaire Games!

Use your logic & strategy to clear the Pyramid Solitaire table. Customize the cards & numbers and discover the fun behind Pyramid Solitaire.

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