From buses to trains, taxis, and subways, there are millions of ways to get around your favorite cities. To help calm down the chaos, public transportation apps have revolutionized the ability to track your favorite routes. Get real-time information on when your transportation will arrive. 


Moovit is an international tool that will help you get the public transportation you are looking for without the hassle of struggling to find your way. Not only does this app help you in the US, but you can take it with you to Spain, Europe, Greece, Italy, France, Australia, and Canada. Get all of the live tracking you need for local bus routes, trains, subways and more!

While Moovit works well to connect millions of people to public transportation, it does have a few bugs. Users have reported the app occasionally shuts down, failing to load information. A quick fix is to reload the app to find all the great information you're looking for. 


For someone who rides the bus often in some of America’s most popular cities, OneBusAway is a top app you will want to download. It gives real-time updates on where the buses are, when you can expect them, and where they are going. Users report that bus arrival times are incredibly accurate and that they can rely solely on the app for their daily commute.

This is a newer app to the market, and it is trying to expand while not losing quality. It is an excellent app, but you can only access bus route information from Rogue Valley, Oregon, San Diego, California, Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, Washington, Tampa Bay, Florida, Washington, D.C., and the York Region Transit, Canada. If your city is not being covered at the moment, give the makers a shout out and let them know you want it.


NextBus is a great option for those who use their bus lines daily and want to create personalized routes. You can name your own bus stops, create routes, track these routes, and so much more. You can even personalize the color themes in the app, and make it exactly like you want it. The updated user interface is quick and responsive when you need it most.

NextBus has an overall great reputation for being dependable, but there have been occasional reports that downloading the app the first time is a little tricky. It's possible you may have to uninstall and reinstall Nextbus. It only takes a few minutes and you'll be checking out all the amazing features this app offers!

Transportation apps will redefine how you get around town and how you wait for your bus, train, or subway. Get access to Greyhound bus trackers, Greyhound bus schedules, metro bus schedules, and more. When traditional transit methods fail, choose an app that gives you access to alternatives. And don't forget to check out our Best 10 Transportation Apps if you're looking for more!

Finding the right public transit options can be confusing. With bus trackers & these public transportation apps get all the transportation schedules you need.

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