Stop paying full, out of pocket prices for the prescriptions that you need, and get prescription drug discount cards on your phone in an instant! Once you've found the best deal, use these helpful pharmacy locator tools to get to the closest pharmacy and have your medications in your hand even faster. You'll never have to waste time or money at the drugstore again!

Search through hundreds of deals with this handy prescription saver! The prices on Blink Health are guaranteed; all you have to do is pay on the app to save up to 95%, and fill your prescriptions at a nearby participating pharmacy you can easily find with the map tool. Just show the pharmacist the Blink Card on your phone and walk away with your meds. It's quick, simple, and budget-friendly, especially if you don't have the best insurance coverage. Even if you do have coverage for your prescriptions, prices through the Blink Health app may be even lower, so it's always a good idea to check!

Blink Health users love that they save even more by earning $15 of prescription credit for each friend they refer, but if you've earned multiple credits, you can only use up to $15 at a time off your drug purchase. Not much to worry about, especially since you'll no doubt be using the app regularly for all of your prescription drug purchases!

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Your favorite corner pharmacy with tons of deals and benefits is now on your mobile device! Join the Rite Aid savings club with this pharmacy app and start earning rewards for your monthly medication pick-ups. You can find all the medications you need and instantly locate coupons or a specific prescription discount card with the touch of a button so you always get the best price. Refill your prescriptions right through the app and save yourself that time waiting near the pick-up counter. With the locator map, you can find a nearby Rite Aid no matter where you are, and easily transfer any prescriptions from your usual pharmacy in a pinch!

The Rite Aid app is a great home base for managing all your prescriptions, but if you're managing prescriptions for multiple people in your household, you will need to log in and out of each separate account to view prescription information or request refills. Luckily, an update will be coming this fall to make managing family medications a little more streamlined!

You'll be amazed at how affordable your prescriptions can be, so start saving today! For more ways to shave down the price on your medications, just like the CVS or Walgreens prescription savings club, check out our Best 10 Prescription Drug Discount Apps.

No drug coverage? No problem! Compare prescription drug discounts for the best discount card near you. Save tons of money and pick up your prescriptions today!

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