Kids of all ages love to play games on your phone – but wouldn’t it be great if they could learn something while they played too? If you’ve heard of Prodigy Math Game or Math Playground, you know there are great games for kids that teach them math while they play. But taking those games on the road – and keeping your little ones entertained – can be a challenge. Luckily, with these great math games, even your preschool children can learn on the go!

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

A great free-to-start learning experience, Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games can keep your kids occupied while teaching them a variety of valuable skills. Designed for children ages 2-7, the game covers not only counting, addition, and subtraction but also colors and shapes for the youngest players and the alphabet and spelling for the older ones too! It’s easy to use with voice narration for the littlest ones who don’t read yet and has no pop-up ads, so wandering fingers won’t accidentally hit the wrong button! 

Only two games are available to start, requiring a one-time payment to access all the games, which may be a deal-breaker if you’re looking for a truly free game. But with all the material you and your child have access to, it may be well worth the $3.99 to get the full version.


The perfect game for your future world traveler. Zoolingo teaches numbers, shapes, ABC’s, and nursery rhymes, not just in English, but in 16 other languages. With puzzles, matching games, and adorable zoo animals, Zoolingo is a great choice. It caters to ages 1-7 and comes with over a thousand different activities across seven different games.

While also free-to-start, Zoolingo differs from the other games in that instead of a one-time payment to unlock all the games, it has a subscription-based payment system. While this does make the game more expensive, the Zoolingo team regularly updates the game with new activities, keeping your kids entertained – and learning – for longer!


With all the knowledge of education the Montessori movement is known for, you can bet that the Montessori Preschool Games app is the best education a game can offer! Able to teach kids 5 and under, this game uses expert-proven methods to teach your kids important skills, like letters, words, math, colors, and fine motor skills, all in a fun and encouraging game experience. And you know the creators really care: glitches and other quirks are quickly fixed, and their support team is ready to help if you need it.

While this game does come with more games unlocked from the start than the others, Montessori Preschool Games app has a more expensive $9.99 one-time payment to remove ads and fully unlock the game. But with its bright, colorful interface, it aims to keep even your youngest kids entertained without overwhelming them and still helping them learn. You can even use the app as a substitute for the paper workbooks you can get at the bookstore! If you’re looking for the best education a game can give, this is it!

Kids love playing games, and if they can learn while they play, they may play more and learn more. With games like Cool Math Games so popular, it’s a great time to teach your kids that learning is fun, with these wonderful games. Discover more great math games with our Best 10 Games for Learning Math!

Learning math just got easier with fun, cool math learning games. Math games for kids make learning and practicing math concepts entertaining and enjoyable.

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