Getting the current political news today on who did what is crucial to understanding events that are likely to impact your life. Follow the ever-changing political news arena with breaking news, curated news and videos that will keep you informed.

1. Breaking News 

Recent decisions in the Oval Office have had a huge impact on the economy and political parties are busy making news every day. There’s so much going on in US political breaking news and around the globe. Vital news is happening all over the world and having access to breaking news is more helpful than ever.

The Washington Post Classic 

No matter how much we’d like to constantly get political news on our live feed, the reality is, you can’t spend all day online. So why not take the news with you? Simply download the latest political news stories and read them on the go.

Fox News 

When breaking news happens, the sooner you read it the better. But it doesn’t make sense to spend your time trying to surf TV news, hoping you’ll tune in at just the right time. Getting interactive push notifications is more convenient and you will save you loads of time.

CBS News 

Getting overwhelmed with thousands of notifications to the point you just give up on reading anything? Now there is a handy widget that neatly organizes the news right on your home screen, and you can easily hand-pick exactly what you want to read.

2. News Curation 

Republican news sites, Democrat news sites and so much more. There are countless sources and if you want truly unbiased political news, it’s a good idea to read them all. But there are only so many hours in a day so scouring each and every site isn’t something anyone has time for. Instead, create a custom list you want to follow as a great way to get the full perspective.


You probably know how tiresome it is to browse the Internet hoping you’ll find the political news website you agree with. So why not let the news find you? Simply create a tailor-made list of the sites you love and get intriguing suggestions that are sure to catch your attention.


It would sure be helpful to have someone hand-pick just the articles you want to read every morning. Fortunately, you can do just that when you have an app that delivers articles you are interested in from only the well-respected news outlets.

3. News Videos 

Reading articles is certainly one way to get the latest political news, but sometimes you can’t be on the spot as the breaking news event happens. Videos are a great way to follow the news as it happens with an efficient medium to check out the latest events when you’re ready.

CNN Breaking US & World News

If you prefer having your political news in a video format, you might think that’s challenging. But you can easily get all the videos you want right on your mobile device with CNN political news coverage.


Speaking of seeing the picture from more than one angle, besides having hundreds of curated videos, this enormous news library is also filled with high-tech virtual reality videos so you literally find yourself on the spot without ever leaving your house.

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