Tired of the same old, boring photos on your phone gallery and social media sites? Time to get a little bit crafty with the photos on your device! Just like those wall frames make your pictures pop at home, make your pictures on your phone stand out with these frames and editing apps! 

Framify (android) & Frames (ios)

Framify gives you tools to filter your pictures and add effects to give all your images that professional look. With an unlimited amount of frames and text features for any occasion or celebration, including various frames with beautiful and whimsical patterns, you'll have unique photos to post all year round. With the Frames app, you'll get tons of fun and unique options for combining your favorite pictures. Forget putting your pictures together in groups of squares or rectangles, Frames has 300 different frame shapes and combinations to choose from. Customize each picture in your collage with text, drawing tools, and stickers, to give all your pictures some personality!

While Framify has options to share easily and directly to all the major social media websites, there is not an option to save the photos to your phone. Nothing to worry about, since it's easy to send your masterpiece to yourself by email or message to get them downloaded! There are so many great tools with the Frames app that are 100% free, but in order to unlock all of the layouts and editing features, note that there is a small, one-time fee. The small fee is more than worth it to have photos that will impress all of your friends and followers!

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect tool for a quick Photoshop session, with no need to log on to your computer to get the job done. Rotate, crop and straighten, fix facial blemishes in an instant, and correct red-eye with a tap. Once your photos are looking flawless, you can add all kinds of fun effects and color filters. Get photo frames direct from the many tools and effects available on the app and add text with multiple font options, or customize your collages with layout and borders.

Adobe Photoshop Express is filled with tools for photo editing, but some of the tools are a little more advanced and may take some practice and experimentation before you're able to use them like a pro. Even if you're just starting out, there are plenty of tools that will be familiar and easy to use, and you'll love how your photos look, especially when you start using all of the editing features available.

Don't let all your best photos sit around on your phone, forever untouched. Bring them out and start making them into beautiful, framed pieces of art today! For more fun photo frames on your device, just like the picture frames and poster frames in your home, you won't want to miss our Best 10 Photo Frame Apps!

Add beautiful digital photo frames to your images and make them stand out! Make your sweet memories unforgettable with these great photo frame apps.

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