Putting our best pictures of ourselves or our loved ones in picture frames or scrapbook collages is a fun way to display our very best memories. But that effect gets lost sometimes when we post our pictures on our favorite social media platforms. Luckily, with these apps, it doesn't have to! Get crafty on your phone and make your pictures really pop with these beautiful frames and special photo effects to really make a statement!

Photo Frame

A photo frame, collage generator, and photo editor all in one! Photo Frame has gorgeous ways to display single or multiple photos in whatever style you're looking for, from pretty sparkles and flowers to fun, abstract patterns. Add lighting effects, filters, stickers and text with tons of fonts to choose from. When you're all finished with your masterpiece, you can share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more, right from the app.

Photo Frame is perfect for framing your pictures with beautiful and elegant borders, but if you are looking for funny or silly frames, you won't find many on this app. On the other hand, if you're looking for a nice touch of refined artistry, you will love how these frames make your pictures look!

Photo Frames 

This versatile photo tool has it all, with hundreds of photo frames direct from the app's enormous selection of over 50 different frame shapes. There's a frame for any occasion or holiday, or just for fun frames like magazine templates, to transform yourself and your friends into a cover model. You can save your favorite frames to easily come back to after you take more photos! Plus you'll love playing with all the cool effects that make your normal pictures into photographic treasures.

Because of the huge and diverse selection of frames, there is not an offline feature for use with this app, and you will need to use either WiFi or your phone data connection. The good news is, this will save you from taking up space on your phone, and you'll have even more space for your beautifully edited and framed photos!

Nature Photo Frame (android) & Pic Jointer (ios)

Nature Photo Frame and Pi Jointer are two unique ways to decorate your images and make them stand out from all the other photos you see on your social media feeds! Nature Photo Frame lets you do more than put patterns and prints around your image; with this app, you can put yourself right into exquisite nature and fantasy landscapes. And with all the text, stickers, and editing features, you can really brush up each picture and make it exactly how you want it, without the need for multiple editing apps. Pic Jointer gives you the ability to put up to nine images together in charming collections, with simple but colorful borders in between. With so many layouts to choose from and new layouts added regularly, you'll have tons of ways to organize your pictures and make incredible, scrapbook-like pages with them, all watermark-free!

Nature Photo Frame app is for putting your face and body into various scenes, so those in need of a simple photo frame may need to look elsewhere. But definitely, don't miss out on trying these one-of-a-kind photo effect tools! Pic Jointer users have pointed out that waiting for the pop-up ads sometimes slow their picture editing process down a bit, so the premium, ad-free version with even more layouts to choose is definitely worth a buy. You'll have amazing photos all year long!

Just like Michaels frames or art poster frames from the store give your photos that nice, finished-looking touch, these apps will give all the best photos on your device the same treatment! For more frames and ways to optimize your images, check out our Best 10 Photo Frame Apps.

Add beautiful digital photo frames to your images and make them stand out! Make your sweet memories unforgettable with these great photo frame apps.

Photo Frame

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