Our phones now take better pictures than the compact digital cameras that we used to carry around with us. This makes our mobile devices ideal for photo editing, making collages, and sharing them with others. To simplify all of those steps, we have the top photo editing and collage making apps on the market.

Pic Collage 

Pic Collage is one of the top applications for making custom photo arrangements and styling them with stickers, logos, cutouts, frames , and so much more. From collages to selfies, you can crop photos, add filters, flip, draw and write, and so much more. The possibilities are almost endless with hundreds of layouts and thousands of customizations.

Pic Collage has received a lot of attention lately for being one of the best photo frame and collage apps on the market. The app developers would like your feedback and may eagerly ask you for a review right after you download. The only problem with this is that you have not had time to play around with the app yet. The app developers are working on a way to get your review and allow you enough time to experience all the great features of Pic Collage. 


LiveCollage is an epic photo editor that allows you to combine up to 9 pictures into one amazing piece. What sets this app apart from others is its motion stickers, a large number of templates, and the fact it is so easy to use. Easily navigate through all of your editing options, then post to your social media accounts or print them.

While LiveCollage is available for both Android and Ios systems, you may find that the Ios version is a little more advanced. The Ios version tends to have more options and a better selection, as well as running smoother and faster. The Android version of LiveCollage is still one of the top options. However, the ios application does have some advantages. 

Pic Stitch 

With Pic Stitch, you can choose from over 245 grid layouts or create your own. Manipulate your photos by cropping, zooming, adding filters, adding borders, and more. Choose from numerous picture frames, poster frames, and more. 

Galaxy S9 users have reported issues with uploading their photo galleries for use in the app. Developers are working hard to resolve this issues, and it only appears to be a problem with certain types of mobile devices. It is not likely an issue that will affect your use of the app. 

Photo Frame Collage (android) & Photo Collage (ios)

Photo Frame Collage (android) and Photo Collage (ios) are ideal apps for simple and easy photo collage making. For anyone who wants a classic and humble looking collage, without all of the endless stickers and options, these apps are for you. You can still upload your favorites collages to social media, save them to your gallery, or print them.

Photo Frame Collage and Photo Collage are very simple apps. If you are looking for a huge variety of options, check out one of the other great collage app recommendations. You can still easily make fantastic photo collages, but without all the bells and whistles!

Find the perfect frames, filters, borders, photo frames, and more with these exciting collage and photo editing apps available for download. Choose from hundreds of stickers, grids, fonts, and other options like classic Michaels frames. It's time to start taking more pictures and start creating your collection of collages. 

Add beautiful digital photo frames to your images and make them stand out! Make your sweet memories unforgettable with these great photo frame apps.

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