Filtering and editing your photos shouldn't feel like a job, it should be fun! Find the best ways to apply effects to your content with the simplest applications. You'll never have to worry about taking an unflattering photo again. Snap away!

Filterloop (android) & Video Filter (ios)

If you want to edit your photos without too much hassle, what you need is an all-inclusive photo filter and video editor. Filterloop and Video Filter are exactly what you're looking for. Both come with tons of options for photography filters so you can customize your photos and videos to fit your needs. Filterloop offers tons of filters, including Snapchat filters, to help you create the best photo possible. Video Filter offers a wide variety of effects and overlays to help you make the most unique and interesting videos.

Although both apps are free, to get the most out of them, it's best to upgrade to the paid versions. While both apps have plenty to offer in their free versions, the premium versions of the apps offer so much more. However, both apps are a one-stop shop for photo and video editing. You get premier filter packages, the ability to adjust opacity, hue, saturation, and more - and you can also edit your video within the app itself! 

Glitch VHS Art Camera Aesthetic Video Filters

Living in the 21st century with a 20th century aesthetic? Then Glitch VHS Art is for you! It comes with multiple photography filters to give your content an authentic VHS appearance. Digitally edit glitches into your content that look natural and real. Furthermore, there are millions of stock videos available through Glitch that you can combine with your content. Not only can you apply filters to your videos, you can even edit those filters to further customize your content. 

One thing some users commented about is that you can only upload photos from your camera roll on your phone and not directly from a specific album. This means you may have to scroll a bit, but that's a small price to pay for unique and quality vintage aesthetics for your photos and videos. Glitch VHS Art is unique and allows you to edit your photos to suit your tastes, no matter how vintage.

Edit your photos and videos with filters using these premier photo editing apps today! To find more ways to edit your pics, check out our Best 10 Filter and Effect Apps for Photos!

A portrait studio in the palm of your hand. Create stunning artwork in moments with a wide variety of photo filters and special photo effects.

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